Bad Ones ( Sequel To Kidnapped By One Direction )

hey guys this is basically a ride on from my previous movella kidnapped by one direction if you havent read it yet i advise you do as it contains alot of info that will be included in this book.


3. Bad News

Niall's P.O.V


I didn't want Harry to hurt Kira again. I know that before I probably didn't help but I dragged her into this entire mess, and she isn't even in a right state of mind. What have I done?

"What's wrong Kira? You look like you've seen a ghost" Harry grinned looking down so his hair fell over his eyes, leaving only a chilling smirk.

"Shut up Harry, your scaring her" I hissed cradling Kira as she started to shake

"N..Niall, who is he?" Kira stuttered

I took a deep breathe, "Kira.. This is Harry. He's going to be staying here for a while" I spoke through gritted teeth glaring at him. Harry just seemed to smirk.

"Good to be here, and to have new roomies" Harry smiled innocently and walked out of the room "I'm going to make some tea, I'll talk with you later Kira" He said winking at her as he left.

I couldn't take it! I gave Kira one last hug and left her there, I went to go find Harry. Kira started to follow me as I went to leave the room "Stay here" I ordered, she stopped suddenly and stared at the floor holding her arm with the other. I felt horrible for trapping her in this room but until I talk with Harry she wasn't safe with him.




"Stop scaring Kira!" I shouted at him, he just looked at me as if he did nothing wrong

"I was only being friendly" he merely said sipping his freshly made tea.

" Back off and start being nice. No creepy stuff! Remember that she doesn't know you! Memory loss, you know? Don't make things worse for her" I said

"Look at you getting all protective over someone who doesn't even recognise you" I heard Harry call as I left the room, I decided to ignore him.


On my way down the corridor I leant on the wall, running my hands through my hair. I pressed my ear against Kira's door and heard a faint breathing. I poked my head around the corner slowly and saw she was asleep. At least she wasn't to worried to stay up and not sleep. I tip toed to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, I didn't look good, I was so worried for Kira that I haven't slept in days. Black bags lined under my eyes and my skin looked paler than usual. Wait a minute.. What was that? I thought to myself hearing a sudden thud coming from Kira's room. I ran out of the bathroom and into Kira's room. There what I saw brought tears of anger to my eyes.


What did I just see?

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