Love Hurts

This is the story of Sam (Kitty, Kitten,etc.) and Harry. Harry breaks her heart tons of times. But does she always forgive him? Read to find out.


8. What a day…

Harry's POV 


I finished my breakfast and signaled Sam to come cuddle up to me. Instead she grabbed my plate and took it out of the room.  She came back minutes later and put the family guy DVD in. She then cuddled up to me. Before she did, she softly and passionately kissed me. Of course I I gave her one back. She cuddled up to me and we laid there the entire day not even watching the DVD. We just laid there. She looked up at me hours later. "God your cute…" she smirked. "God your adorable…" I smiled back and kissed her. It turned into a steamy makeout. But we couldn't go farther because of the casts.


6 weeks later


Harry's  POV


"I'll get the last box Kitty..." I smiled. I ran out to the moving truck and got the last box. Along with the small velvet one that's been in my pocket since I left the jewelry store. I'm not proposing. I got her an awesome necklace. And a puppy. But that's later.

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