Love Hurts

This is the story of Sam (Kitty, Kitten,etc.) and Harry. Harry breaks her heart tons of times. But does she always forgive him? Read to find out.


3. The Pain

Harry's POV 


I woke up cuddled up to my Kitty. She was gorgeous when she slept. "Thank you Harry...but I'm trying to sleep...." Then she looked at the clock and bounced up. "Crap...Crap....Crap....." She whispered. "What's wrong Kit?" I asked. "I have to go. I have a meeting with a real astate agent. I'm getting a small house." She explained then quickly ran out of the bathroom and kissed me quickly. I pulled her back and kissed her longer. She pulled away and ran downstairs. I hopped up and ran after her. "Hey wait!" I screamed. She stopped half way through the door. "I'm coming!" I grabbed my keys and walked her out of the door. I opened the passengers door. She giggled and got in. I opened up my door and got in. We drove up to the house behind mine. Weird. She bought the house. We were neighbors now. But then some guy came and started to kiss her. She Madeout with him for like 45 minutes. Her eyes were closed the entire time. I slowly left. I ran into my house and cried. She came knocking on my door and then got mad and knocked the door to the ground. She ran to me. "Harry he's paying for my house. He's my ex and he cheated on me. He got me the house cuz he knows about us. He was trying to apologize. Harry, I kissed him from joy that I get to be closer to you..." She cried. I looked up and smiled. "God I Love You Kitty..." I kissed her softly. "I Love You Too...." She smiled and kissed me. We Madeout. God she's amazing.... I pulled back. "Stay here tonight." I said. "You won't try anything will you?" She asked. "No. I just wanna see what it's gonna be like for us when were ready..." I explained. She nodded and kissed me. 

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