Love Hurts

This is the story of Sam (Kitty, Kitten,etc.) and Harry. Harry breaks her heart tons of times. But does she always forgive him? Read to find out.


7. Happy and aslo....Not

Harry's POV 


I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I stretched and got up. I ran down stairs to see the girls giggling and eating pancakes. Niall was next to Sam. It ticked me off. I ran up to her and picked her up. I carried her to the hallway and kissed her. Then I walked right back out and she followed. "That was weird Harry…" she said. I shrugged and took her spot. Then I glared at Niall. He smiled scared. Then I took some if Sams bacon and ran. "Hey! By bacon!" She screamed and ran after me. I ran up to our room and she tackled me. "I ate it all." I laughed. She playfully glared at me making me laugh even more. "Your not good at being scary…" I chuckled. She giggled and cuddled up to me. I think she fell back asleep just before I did. I woke up to a camera flash. Something was itching my nose. Sam was giggling. I felt my lip and something hairy was on it. Ha… that sounds so weird. Anyways, I ran into her bathroom to find a mustache on my face. I quickly tore it if and screamed. "Smart…" she smiled. I playfully glared at her and she ran. I caught her before she could leave the room and gently set her on the bed. I leaned in to let our lips meet then I blacked out. I woke up in a hospital bed. Sam was crying hysterically. Lou was trying to calm her down. She looked over and saw that I was awake. She ran over and started to talk then Lou clicked a button and I fell asleep again. What happened to me. I woke up to a sharp pain in my arm. There was a needle in my arm. I looked around. Where was I? Who's the crying girl? Who are those men? "The hospital. Your girlfriend. Your band." I heard someone say. "Uh Ms Sam you need to come here. He's lost his mind. We need to cut off his head." Then the girl came in with a chainsaw and then I woke up screaming. Sam came over and sat on the bed. She looked at me with puffy eyes. "Sam? What happened to me?" I looked down at her arm. "Who did that to you? Ill kill them!" "Shhh...shhh Harry. We were having fun, some random guy came in and shot your arm and leg. Then they shot my arm and we both blacked out. I'm ok but you lost blood. I gave you a pint of mine…" "WHY???" She jumped. I startled her. "Sorry..." I smiled. "The guy was arrested and my arms broken. God dammit you scared the hell out of me... I thought I was gonna lose you... I don't wanna lose you Harry." She cried. A tear fell down my cheek. "You'll never EVER lose me Kitty..." I smiled. We shared a light soft kiss. I scooted over and she layed next to me. I put my bad arm around her, but the pain was worth it. I woke up in what I think was the next morning in Sams bed. Someone came through her door. It was my Kittty. My Sam. She had a 2 tacos, apple juice, a banana, and what I think is a DVD of family guy. "God I love you Kitten..." I smiled. She smiled back. "You slept an entire day. You fell asleep at 3 in the morning Saturday and it's Tuesday 

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