Love Hurts

This is the story of Sam (Kitty, Kitten,etc.) and Harry. Harry breaks her heart tons of times. But does she always forgive him? Read to find out.


6. Attempt

Sams POV 


i woke up in the morning in Nialls bed. He was right by me but were not a thing. I got up and went into my room forgetting about everything and saw something. A femle figure next to Harry. Then I hurried and grabbed my clothes the. Ran out. I ran into Danielle and Liam's room and dragged her into my room. I showed her. She screamed and Harry Jose. Then I noticed the figure wearing the dress Harry loves. It was a fake person. I bursted out laughing and walked out. The guys were in the hallway along with Perrie. I showed Perrie first and we giggled. Then I showed the guys and they didn't laugh. They looked at me with sympathy. Grr... "No!" I screamed. "He hates me..." I bursted into tears. "He hates me...." I screamed. The girls helped me up and down stairs. They did my makeup and my hair. I couldn't. Could I? Could I attempt it? No shut the hell up Sam. "You'll never be his Kitty again." I whispered. Harry was there. Everyone heard me. I was ready for the day. But then Harry tried to speak. I ran out side into the rain and climbed up the tree that had a little platform in it. I stood on the platform and watched the clouds. Someone snuck up behind me and hugged me. "You weren't lying were you?" I knew that voice. I turned to Harry and shook my head. "We'll then. You should know that I miss calling you my Kitty..." He walked up to me and put one hand on my waist and one on the back of my neck. "Will you be my Kitty again?" "Of course..." I lightly smiled and put my arms around his neck and he pulled me close. Our foreheads were touching. I pulled away aching to kiss him. He must of censed it because he kissed me. He pulled back smiling. "Man I've missed those bells." I smiled. "Me too Kitty."

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