The Girl that Wasn't

Zerrie, a 'real' couple. Well, they're not real at all. Management forced them to date each other so that both bands could get more publicity and prosper. It's been working, but Perrie and Zayn aren't. They're friends, no, not even, they're acquaintances who fake being in love. The one thing the media never knew about was Perrie's twin, aspiring college student at Oxford, Scarlett Elle Edwards wants nothing to do with Perrie's career. But when Perrie runs to her, sobbing, begging for her to fill in, Scarlett gives in. But what will happen when "Perrie" and Zayn meet?


4. New Life

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This so called 'twin training' was really just me becoming as skinny as Pez (that was pretty hard, I kinda love food), some vocal training, and learning to conceal everything.

After two weeks, I was ready.

I don't think I'll be able to make this work however.

Perrie shrugged it off, brimming with happiness and excitement.

I got a haircut so now my hair was identical to Perrie's, short and cute. My stomach was full after one protein bar (Perrie used the hardcore diet and workout sessions that she received so long ago) and I felt like a barbie. 

I felt like Perrie.

Plastic. Fake. Emotionless. Perfect.

Luckily Perrie and I had almost identical voices, so singing wasn't a problem. I just memorized the lyrics to every song on her deluxe album and got informed on future Little Mix plans. 

Perrie kept reassuring and encouraging me, telling me I was ready and that I didn't have to stress so much. She gave me the keys to her flat and saw me off, newly dyed blue hair hidden under a dark hood. She was dressed appropriately for the rainy London weather, but she was also dressed for not being spotted by the press. As I exited her door, I was told of her Mercedes in the garage. I also saw suitcases in the trunk when I removed mine. 

Where was my sister going?

I purposely drew attention to myself as I walked into the building, hair flying behind me and smiling fakely. 

Perrie Louise Edwards owned the entire top floor. 

I fumbled with the keys and let myself in after five minutes of frustration and attacking the keyhole with my key. 

I inhaled.

After standing in the doorway in awe, taking in the chandeliers and the modern furniture with a touch of vintage decorating, I heard shuffling. Someone else was here.

Maybe Perrie wasn't being a drama queen when she said that people stood outside her door and took pictures from the window. Maybe someone finally broke in.

A plump middle aged woman emerged from what looked like the dining area, all smiles and crooked teeth.

"Welcome home, Miss," she said politely and I smiled genuinely, "Thank you, but from now on call me Sc-Perrie," she looked at me strangely. "And also, Elizabeth," I said, reading her uniform, "are you thirsty? I was about to get myself a glass of water," I reached out to her kindly.

She was so shocked. Maybe she was used to seeing depressed or moody Pezzie. I was going to clean up "Perrie"'s act. 

Starting with her relationships.

"Yes, that would be lovely, M-Perrie," she chuckled a bit.

I fetched her a glass and when she finished it, I took it back to the kitchen.

"Elizabeth," I said, walking back to her. She looked up from vacuuming the area, "Yes?"

"You're done for the day. Spend time with your family. And treat them to dinner. Thank you so much," I said, pulling out my wallet and handing Elizabeth her pay. 

She gasped, "No, Perrie, I can finish the work. I-"

"Goodbye, Elizabeth," I said, laughing and holding my arms out. She embraced them and ran out, almost skipping. After she left I closed the door and finished the dining area for her. Then I put away the vacuum and her sprays and wipes. Jesus, Perrie lived like a queen. She always did have that fantasy however, so I guess I wasn't that surprised. 

I carted my little suitcase with toiletries and electronics mostly, because Perrie and I are the same size in almost everything and I was supposed to wear her clothes.

I unpacked quickly and decided to  explore the large apartment. Not only did she have the entire floor, but there was a balcony with a Jacuzzi and cute, healthy garden. I'm sure that Elizabeth tended to that. 

There were three bathrooms, one close to the front door, one in Perrie's suite, and one in a guest room. There were three bedrooms, but Perrie converted one of them to a little gym. I wasn't sure whether that was her or management's doing however. The kitchen was huge and sleek, filled with expensive silverware and dishes. Perrie always had a passion for cooking. I never did though, I never had the time to cook real meals because I was always at cheer or volleyball or class or study groups. Now that I look back, before the college, I was the popular Edwards twin. Perrie was never the center of attention, so I guess that's why she wanted to be it. And now that she is, she hates it.

That's Pez for you.

There was a large family room, with a soft furry rug and leather couches. A large flat screen dominated the wall and game controllers were scattered on the coffee table below it. There was a small area in the dining hall with a few books, mainly beauty books and popular books-turned-movies. Perrie wasn't ever a reader. Luckily I packed forms of entertainment for myself, because I wasn't ever a gamer.  I sat down on the couch and pulled out my iPhone, checking for texts. There were none since this was a new phone. I already had Zayn's number because Perrie had told him that she got a new number.

I sighed. Soon I'd be as fake as her, if I wasn't already. Or maybe I'd be faker, since I wasn't EVEN her. I decided to turn on the TV and watch some Skins. Skins was my guilty pleasure and apparently Perrie's as well because the episodes were saved in her queue. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon writing. Writing God knows what.

Some poems, songs, short stories.

I even sketched some dresses in my sketchbook.

Until I got a text around eight P.M. from the boy I was waiting to fix 'my' problems with.

My phone beeped and in my lock screen had a notification. A message from Zayn. 

I unlocked my phone and read the entire message.

Zayn: Dinner tomorrow night? xx

Me: Of course! When and where? xx

Zayn: I'll pick u up @ 6:30. Please wear a dress, I'm making reservations (:

Me: See you then xx


I had a date.


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