The Girl that Wasn't

Zerrie, a 'real' couple. Well, they're not real at all. Management forced them to date each other so that both bands could get more publicity and prosper. It's been working, but Perrie and Zayn aren't. They're friends, no, not even, they're acquaintances who fake being in love. The one thing the media never knew about was Perrie's twin, aspiring college student at Oxford, Scarlett Elle Edwards wants nothing to do with Perrie's career. But when Perrie runs to her, sobbing, begging for her to fill in, Scarlett gives in. But what will happen when "Perrie" and Zayn meet?


2. Fake


I walked quietly, humming one of my little sister's songs. Yes, she was my little sister. By a few minutes, but she was still my little sister. Where she was naive and believed she was so much older than she really was, I took everything one step at a time and had fun. Even though my little sister was a pain in the arse almost always, I loved her so much. Ever since she became world famous and started dating that gorgeous boy in One Direction, she's never had time for me or Mum and Dad. The only reason I was even letting myself think about her today was because she suddenly texted me two days ago asking me if we could talk at the coffee shop off campus. I, of course, agreed. 

The truth was that I missed Perrie Louise Edwards, the baby, Daddy's girl, my favorite girl in the world. I missed before college, before the X Factor, before everything. Perrie and I used to be the twins that did everything together, that dressed in similar outfits, that shared all our secrets, but now I have none and she was thousands of secrets. To be honest, I planned on learning them today. My first year here at Oxford was finishing in a week, thank God, and then I plan on being with friends and partying all summer. I was nineteen still, I couldn't call myself a mature adult just yet.

I arrived at my dorm, mind off in Mars, playing out conversations between Perrie and I that most likely wouldn't happen. I dropped my things off as my classes were done for the day and grabbed a purse, knowing that Perrie would be expecting that I'd pay. She was Perrie, Queen Perrie, she expected a hell of a lot of things. 

I didn't bother changing or dressing up, I was never one to care what I looked like. My face was bare of makeup, I never wear it anyways. The occasional eye and lip makeup for extremely special occasions, but I never used foundation. I had clear skin luckily, just like Perrie, but she is so self conscious these days there's nothing she wouldn't do to feel beautiful. I stepped out of my dorm, striding excitedly to the shop. My phone was in my hand, and I didn't know whether to wait for a text that said 'I'm here' or 'I can't make it x' from none other than my terrible time manager of a sister.

I was surprised that she was actually there on time, she takes ages to get ready and sometimes she just forgets. 

I peered through the window, spotting my sister tapping away on her phone and smiling down at the screen. I asked myself questions inside, but shook them off knowing Perrie wouldn't answer them. 

When I opened the door, instead of sitting down first, I made it a point that I wasn't going to worship Perrie like many girls do, and I ordered myself a latte first. Then I sat down next to her, cheekily asking her, "Hi love, is this seat taken?" grinning. Her head snapped up and like a whip, her mouth was in a toothy grin. "No, not at all," she continues. We laugh and stand up, embracing. Where I smell like the natural odor that is the flower garden I walked through to get to shop, Perrie smells like the strongest perfume. Flowery and fake. Sadly, almost everything about my gem of a sister was fake. 

After a few cheek kisses and back rubs and even a butt slap (Perrie, of course) I blushed and sat down again, scooting my chair in. "Scarlett Elle Edwards, how lovely it is to see you after so long," she smiles. Her words are so carefully put together. They used to be, "SCAR I'M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!" and now she is the epitome of the proper lady.

I wasn't having any of it, "Bunny, don't," using her childhood nickname. Pez had a bit of an obsession with rabbits as a child. Now it's Batman and makeup and overdressing. 

She sighs, "Scar, can we..." she starts. I raise an eyebrow, "Can we?" I motion for her to continue. She pulls out her phone and I stand there, dumbfounded. No way she was dumping our coffee and chat for her phone and her famous friends. I kick her shin under the table and she winces, not even making a sound.

The old Bunny would've screeched for attention, now it seems she wants none of it. 

My phone vibrates in my pants, telling me I have a new text, but I refuse to look at it. I won't be rude like her. She gestures, "Oh, Lana, it's okay, you can  look at it, please do actually," she finishes desperately. I pull my phone out and see on my lock screen. 

The iMessage icon and contact name "Bunny Boo"

We need to talk


ah! what do you think??? tell me in the comments please, thank you so much, love you all

xox mila

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