The Girl that Wasn't

Zerrie, a 'real' couple. Well, they're not real at all. Management forced them to date each other so that both bands could get more publicity and prosper. It's been working, but Perrie and Zayn aren't. They're friends, no, not even, they're acquaintances who fake being in love. The one thing the media never knew about was Perrie's twin, aspiring college student at Oxford, Scarlett Elle Edwards wants nothing to do with Perrie's career. But when Perrie runs to her, sobbing, begging for her to fill in, Scarlett gives in. But what will happen when "Perrie" and Zayn meet?


1. Excerpt

Author's Note-hi everyone, i'm mila. you may or may not remember me as the author of the Haylor fan fiction 'Still the One'. i quit writing months ago, but i got some inspiration from 'I'm Not Her' on WattPad, which is a Perrie's Twin fan fiction. i encourage you to go read it, it's amazing. and up there is your daily dose of zerrie in the form of twitter headers (: 


He kissed me softly, lips pressing against mine, and I gasped. Weirdly, this was my first kiss, and I wouldn't have it any other way, in his arms, bodies pressed together in the rain. I was positive everyone was watching, watching the power couple be real for once. I was in bliss, until I realized that I'm not her, the girl he was kissing, I wasn't ever her, and this boy, this boy that I've grown so fond of feels nothing towards me ; not even aware of my existence.


and there you have it, readers, a snippet of my new fan fiction. what do you think? more? or is this not a good idea?

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