My Lover

We were best friends in play school, all the way to the end of secondary school before this all happened. He went to audition for the X Factor and became a group with 4 of his best friends. He completely forgot about me. I was out of his life. Untill, one day, something changed forever.


4. Prom

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It was Louis. My mother rushed to the door and opened it.

'Hello Louis. Why don't you look handsome' my mother said to him. 

'Haha well thank you Mrs Martinez' he replied back to her.

I walked up to the door and saw Louis standing there with a massive grin on his face. I looked at him and smiled. He saw me and his eyes widened and his mouth had dropped. I giggled and walked closer to him. He gave me some flowers and then I said my goodbyes to my mother.


*Louis' POV*

I stood at Lola's door talking to her mother when suddenly I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. I couldn't believe my eyes. Lola looked stunning. My eyes widened and my mouth had formed into an 'O' shape. She just looked so beautiful. Lola giggled and walked closer to me. I gave her some flowers while she said her goodbyes to her mother.

I hugged her and whispered into her ear,' look so beautiful'

I pulled away and saw that her checks were like tomatoes.

'Thank you Lou, you look rather charming yourself' she replied back to me.

I smiled and lead her to the car. I opened the door for her as she sat in the passenger seat and I sat in the drivers seat. We got to school and quite a lot of people were here already. We both got out for the car and walked towards the doors hand in hand.


*Lola's POV*

Me and Lou got to the school where our prom was and got out the car. We walked hand in hand towards the doors. I had that feeling again of butterflies in my stomach. I want to tell him how I feel but I don't want it to ruin our friendship, maybe he feels the same way? All these thoughts ran through my head then I realized that we were now inside. Me and Louis didn't talk the whole time we was in the car and the walk inside. I wonder what he's thinking about? He normally thinks when he doesn't say anything.

'Lou are you okay?' I suddenly asked him.

'Yeah yeah I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?' he replied.

'I don't know, you're just being really quiet that's all'

'Oh sorry, just thinking about something, that's all love'

'Okay' I said while grabbing his hand and leading him to the dance floor. I knew he was thinking about something but why won't he tell me? Maybe I'll ask him later instead.


So far the prom is really good. Me and Louis had talked quite a lot and shared moments of laughter but that's it really. Nothing too special. They were going to announce prom queen and king in a bit so that should be interesting. Me and Lou walked over the the punch and got a glass of it each.

'Mmm, this punch is really good' I exclaimed

'Yeah it is, wanna go and dance?' Louis asked me over the loud music.

'Yeah sure okay' I smiled and toke his hand.

We danced for a while together, making a fool of ourselves but we don't care. Louis can't dance to save his life but neither can I too be fair. Everyone were looking at us thinking we were some kind of weirdos but really, we were just being ourselves!

It was now time to announce the prom queen and king. I will laugh it me and Lou get picked, that would be so funny! Our headteacher announced the prom queen first.

'Our prom queen for this year goes to...Lola Martinez!'

I was shocked that I was prom queen. I walked onto the stage and started laughing, so did Louis.

'And our prom king goes to...Louis Tomlinson!'

That made me laugh even more! How on earth did me and Lou get picked for prom queen and king? Did they see how we were dancing?! Louis walked on stage and stood next to me grinning at me like an idiot.

'As we all know our prom queen and kings have to have there slow dance, so Lola and Louis, would you like to take the dance floor?' our headteacher said to us.

We both nodded as Louis toke my hand and lead me to the dance floor. A slow song came on and everyone was dancing around us. Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him, wrapping his free hand around my waist. I placed my one hand on Louis shoulder and then other one was in his. I rested my head on my arm. I have to admit this is such a perfect moment.

'Lola?' Louis said.

'Yes Lou?' I replied back to him.

'This has got to be the best night of my life' he told me, staring into my eyes.

I smiled and replied,' Me too Lou, I'm so glad you asked me to come to prom with you'

'Do you know what will make it even better though?' he said to me.

'No? What's that then?' I asked him confused.

'This' he replied, while slowly leaning in. Suddenly I felt his lips on mine. I could feel sparks through the kiss. I kissed him back passionately.


One hundred thoughts were running through my head at this point. Why did he kiss me? Does he feel the same way? I wanted to ask him but I just couldn't. I hope this doesn't ruin our friendship. Maybe we will just have to forget that this has happened.


*Louis' POV*

I slowly leaned in to Lola and my lips crashed against hers. Sparks were flying. The kiss felt magical. I felt her kiss me back passionately. I was surprised that she kissed me back but it felt amazing. I pulled away and saw the expression on her face. I grabbed Lola's hand and dragged her off the dance floor, walking towards the front doors of the school. I decided to tell her why I kissed her.

'Lola. There was a reason I kissed you. I've wanted to kiss you ever since I first laid my eyes on you. I think you're the most beautiful girl ever. You're perfect. I want you to be mine but I know that it will ruin our friendship because you don't feel the same way about me. That's why I've never told you this before. I love you Lola'.

She smiled and pressed her lips against mine. She whispered in my ear,' I love you too Louis. I will have and I always will.

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