My Lover

We were best friends in play school, all the way to the end of secondary school before this all happened. He went to audition for the X Factor and became a group with 4 of his best friends. He completely forgot about me. I was out of his life. Untill, one day, something changed forever.


6. First Date

My face dropped and my eyes widen. I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. It toke me a couple of minutes to take it all in and Louis was waiting for me to give him an answer.

'Yes, of course I will be your girlfriend Lou!'

I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a massive hug. We both pulled away and I gave him a quick kiss. I cuddled into him and carried on watching the rest of the film until I fell asleep.


I woke up the next morning with the smell of pancakes and Louis was missing. I walked up to the kitchen and saw that he was cooking me breakfast.

'Good morning beautiful', Louis said to me kissing my lips.

'Good morning Louis. You making pancakes for breakfast?'

'Yupp, you're favourite!'

Louis had finished making the pancakes and we had both eaten them in about 5 minutes. Wow, we must of been hungry. I toke our plates back into the kitchen and washed them up as my Mum walked down the stairs with a look on her face.

'What's with that look?' I asked her as she gave Louis a wink. He looked shocked. 'MUM!'

'Oh nothing dear, its just a look', she replied back.

'Okay well I need to tell you something important'

'You and Louis are dating, I know. I was walking down stairs last night to get a drink while you two were watching the film and I heard your conversation so I stopped and walked back up. I didn't want to ruin the moment', my Mother said to both of us.

'Oh well, that was easier than I thought. I thought I would of had to explain the whole story to you but its fine', I replied back in a relieved tone.

My Mum walked over to Louis, 'Before you make it official, I need to know that you will treat my daughter like a princess and that you won't ever hurt her because I swear if you do-'

Louis stopped my Mother,' Don't worry Mrs Martinez, I promise I will never hurt Lola and I will treat her like a princess'. 

I smiled at Louis as my Mother nodded and walked off.


A few hours had past and I was getting really bored so I decided to do something with Louis.

'Louis can we do something? I am soo bored!' I whined.

'Okay, I have a good idea', he replied giving me a smirk.

'Well what is it?'

'I'm going to take you on a date!' Louis exclaimed.

'Okay where?!' I asked excitedly

'Well that's a secret, go and get ready and we can go', he said to me

'What do you mean go and get ready? I am ready', I replied back 

'Oh..sorry..', he mumbled

'Only joking, I'll be really quick!'

I ran up the stairs and quickly threw on a pair of jeans with a peplum top. I put my hair up in a bun and did my make up.

'Lola are you ready yet?' Louis shouted up at me.

'Yeah I'm just coming', I replied running down the stairs.

'Wow, you look beautiful'

'Aw thank you Louis, but I doubt it'.

'No you do, well you always do, but wow'.

'Thank you', I said while blushing.

Louis toke my hand and said,'So are you ready to go?'

'Yes, lets go on our first date!'


We arrived at this beautiful restaurant that Louis is planning to take me. It had quiet music playing, candles were lit everywhere and it was just so romantic. I had a massive smile on my face as we walked towards a table for two people.

'Louis it's so beautiful in here', I said to him.

'Just like you then', he replied back leaning across the table to give me a kiss.

We pulled away and the waiter started to walk over,'Can I take your order please?'

'I will have lasange with a lemonade please', I told the waiter as he was staring into my eyes.

'Umm..make that two please', Louis loudly said to the waiter.

'Yes sure, right away', he mumbled and walked away.

'What was that all about?', I asked Louis.

'What was what?', he replied.

'You shouting at the waiter because he was staring at me..'

'Oh um..nothing..'

'You know, you don't have to be jealous, I'm yours'.

'I know, sorry baby'. Louis slipped his hands into mine across the table and we got lost into eachothers eyes.

'Uhmm..your drinks', the waiter handed us our drinks then walked off awkwardly.

About 15 minutes after our dinner had came and it was delicious. Everything was so perfect. Just me and Louis. We were both sat there in silence and then Louis decided to speak up.

'You know Lola, I was kind of surprised you said yes to being my girlfriend. I mean we've been best friends for so long and I just didn't think you liked me in that way'

'Well I do..a lot. I'm surprised you even asked me to be your girlfriend, why did you?' I questioned him.

'Okay well it is a long story but I will start from the begging. The first day I met you at pre-school I instantly knew we would be friends for life. We spent every single day together all the way through to the end of primary school. I thought you were the most amazing girl ever, well you still are. Then when we were going into secondary school, I realized that we might have to go to different schools as my parents wanted to move away but I begged and begged them for us to stay here just so I could be with you. So finally my parents gave in and let us stay, I was over the moon! Then we went through secondary school together and that's when i realized that I loved you. Ever since that day my feelings have got stronger for you but I was too scared to tell you, to ask you out on a date because I was scared that you didn't feel the same way back or that if I did tell you then it would ruin our friendship and I couldn't let that happen so I kept it a secret from everyone. Then when I saw you at prom in that dress, I just had to tell you that I loved you. You looked so beautiful and perfect in every single way. So the day of the X Factor auditions I just had to ask you. I couldn't wait any longer. And I was so happy that you said yes'.

I was speechless, I didn't know what to say. I got out of my seat, walked over to Louis and gave him a massive hug.

'I don't even know what to say, I'm speechless. I love you Louis since the first day I laid eyes on you, I knew you were special.'

Louis leaned in our lips connected perfectly together. This first date was going so well, then suddenly a girl came in and screamed across the restaurant.


A load of other girls came running in, screaming and shouting at Louis, crowding around our table. I got pushed off Louis and landed to the floor as all the girls got in my way.

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