Shadows of Darkened Time

In a world of Shadows, Alexander and Suzan find themselves on a quest to stop what this world has become. Through their journey they will stop at nothing to see the end of this, but first they must solve three riddles and learn the deeper meaning of the Song of the Corrupt. Approximate word count: just over 4,600 words.


1. Prologue: A World of Shadows

A world full of darkness is a world full of hatred. Without sunlight, there's no happiness. Without any happiness, the sunlight is worthless. Some might say those sentences are metaphorical, but for the people of the Earth, those sentences ring truer than true. The people had lost hope of sunlight and happiness long ago. You see, they had once lived in a world of peace and harmony, with no worries or cares. But then...then He came. The Evil One came.

No one knew his name, nor where he came from. All they knew, and all they saw, was his ebony armor glinting in the slither of moonlight. The armor concealed his facial features and covered his length as he rode into the night. Behind him, clouds of his dark aura formed the Shadows. 

Following The Evil One's arrival, nothing on them was defined, except for their crimson eyes which glowed eerily in the fog that had formed over the Earth. With a flick of his wrist, The Evil One sent the shadows scattering across the globe; ensuring every living creature was in a state of pure terror. After that had happened, everything everyone had once known was lost. The only thing they gained was a veil of darkness over their world and over their hearts.  It was the end of everything.  What once was could only be dreamed of. 

Every nook and cranny of the world was guarded by the shadows. They kept a watchful eye on the behavior of the citizens. If there was one step out of line, one step towards making a stand, that person and his corner of the world would be severely punished. They all would be punished in ways which are indescribable; even for those who went through them. The sheer horror is too much to speak of. After news of the first few incidents spread, not many dared to contradict the Shadows, or The Evil One, for that matter.

Some people shied away from the world around them.  They stayed in their homes and tried to forget what was going on until their last hour would end it for them. Some found it easier to appease the Evil One. They helped the Shadows in any way they could, even if it meant the loss of lives of humanity. Others joined The Rebellion. These people wanted to try and put a stop to it all.  All except for a small band of two families, mankind was split into the three described types of people. The unique two families both lived in small villages; one in the west and the other in the north side of the world. 

You see, these families were balances of the three types of civilians. Most of the family stayed in their homes, but, they did not forget the horror. A few of the family followed the Shadows, but, only to find their secrets and their weaknesses. They fed this vital information back to The Rebellion for future reference. Upon gathering what they thought enough of the Evil One’s secrets, the fathers of each family had joined The Rebellion in their battle to defeat the shadows and The Evil One. Although nothing had been heard of them since the day they had gotten on horseback and rode to the battleground, everyone had presumed the worst. And nobody could blame them. 

But in each of the two families were two who had grown weary of all the occurrences. The Rebellion was hopelessly failing.  No one else was doing anything because they were too scared. These two were a boy and a girl.  And even though they lived far from each other and their paths had never crossed, they thought alike in every way.  Both of them had the same plan forming in their minds, however, neither had had a chance to put it into action. So in their villages they both stayed, biding their time for the right moment to do so. 

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