Shadows of Darkened Time

In a world of Shadows, Alexander and Suzan find themselves on a quest to stop what this world has become. Through their journey they will stop at nothing to see the end of this, but first they must solve three riddles and learn the deeper meaning of the Song of the Corrupt. Approximate word count: just over 4,600 words.


6. Chapter 5

Darkness swirled around the figure ahead of them… The Evil One. He had his hands folded toward his chest and wore deep, dark jade armor that jutted out in sharp, crooked and overlaying plates. Cracks split the armor in small pieces, only to show a void of darkness that seemed to capture all light within its grasp. His helmet allowed one glaring crimson eye to look out and lay an eye upon them.

 It seemed as though that one glance cast at the young pair indicated for biggest, darkest shadows to appear. Their eyes glowed an eerie amber, which although chilling, did not give out the same shiver that ran down both Alexander and Suzan's spines that the Evil One’s one eye did. Sheer, terrifying power oozed from the Evil One’s aura, which only created more black fog and more shadows. He tilted his concealed chin upwards in a defiant manner.

His arms slithered down to the arms of his throne. He sat quietly, listening to the howl of the wind as it crept in slowly through the slightly opened door. Suddenly, the door slammed shut and the torches lost their flame one by one.  All until only one lonely crimson eye stared at the two rocking side to side. From the dark he spoke alike to the sound of hissing serpents, “Every last grain of hope was buried alive in that hourglass, and now you’ve brought it to me? You have done well.”

“But what shall I do for your little...Reward?” He let out a short, harsh laugh. “Sing the Song of the Corrupt as the Shadows have given man since the day of my coming. Listen to the words said, and know that blood may be shed." The crimson eye in the dark rose higher seeming to indicate that the Evil One stood up. Slowly and tauntingly he recited:


I call upon thee;

Oh! Shadows of Darkened Time,

Send to me what once was mine:

Send to me the Shadow's key.

I call upon thee;

Oh! Help me with this vile climb!

Give to me a friendly sign:

Give to me fate's company.

I call upon thee;

For I seek the serpent's head

Seeking soul's own harmony.

Inside I'm bloodshed and dead;

In this world: I am at sea.

Here I stand: life on thin thread.


"Stand tall and proud,

And lift the shroud.

When I am done,

Three in: take one..."


"Life may go on in pain:

Suffering at man's bane.

You'll cry, die, and learn:

Never here I'll return."


"Life may never have sting;

You could master death's ring!

You'll never have to go:

The gift of a shadow."


"Life may go on in death,

The soothing feel of death.

Nothing there is to dread:

For can you die when dead?"


"Which do you choose?" the Evil one asked with a proud tone. Alexander and Suzan looked each other in the eyes and nodded with the same thought, and as it was written for many years to come:


"Now faced with only three,

Pick the lone one do we.

Here in death's wicked grip,

We fear the fatal whip."


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