Imagine coming back from a tour and finding out your childhood bestfriend has gone missing you'll do everything to get her back
Dedicated to Megan Mitchell my best bud


8. Plans & notes

Harry's Pov

I just spoke to Megan.She is alive."LOUIS LIAM NIALL ZAYN GET DOWN HERE" I yelled and then a stampede of footsteps could be heard "yes" Niall panted "I just spoke to Megan on the phone she is alive but this guy he heard her and shouted then the line went dead I want to go help her....and I need you to help me" I said they all said ok so we began to plan when I heard a letter come through the letterbox the was no address on the envelope? I shrugged and opened it and read

Dear Harry,

You will never find her

That bitch is mine now    

So I would stop trying 

or I'll put an end to her crying once and for all 


signed Anonymous

I gulped was I being stalked or something?!? :/

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