Imagine coming back from a tour and finding out your childhood bestfriend has gone missing you'll do everything to get her back
Dedicated to Megan Mitchell my best bud


7. Old Telephone

Megan's Pov

I just finished being beaten up so I crawled into a random room to hide when I spotted a retro telephone.I blew off the dust and made sure it worked ....IT DID! I wondered who to call but then Harry sprang to mind. I quickly dialed his number (I knew it off by heart)."Look if this a fan who some how got my number I am in the mood to talk!"Harry grumbled "i-i-its Megan" I whispered "MEGAN" he cried "Where are you I miss you please Megan" Harry cried "Harry I am at th...." I got interrupted by one of Rodgers mates opening the door "OI BITCH WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING" he sneered and snatched away the phone then stepped on it causing a smash."NO!" I sobbed as my only chance of escaping had slipped away before my own eyes.

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