Imagine coming back from a tour and finding out your childhood bestfriend has gone missing you'll do everything to get her back
Dedicated to Megan Mitchell my best bud


4. oh Harry

Megan's Pov

My rib cage is showing through my old ragged clothes those stupid bitches don't ever feed me here I just have to work and clean or I get punished . I want to go home I miss my family I have been stuck here for 3 months my brother and sister must be so upset I miss them all like hell a day does not go past without me thinking of them. Once I tried to escape but one of the men caught me......things got ugly."Hey brat" a man yelled  I recall his name being Rodger "bring me beer" he added I fetched a can and handed it to him. "So isn't your good friend Harry Styles?" he hissed just hearing Harry's name made tears sting my eyes.I nodded "I heard he is back in your hometown and won't he be disappointed when he finds out you are missing he may even leave that stupid band" he said "He WILL find me" I yelled but the man chuckled "yeah good luck!" and with that he kicked me hard out of the door.I curled up in a ball inside my 'room' which was just a cold dark room with concrete floors and cried ''oh Harry" I whispered "please help me".

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