Imagine coming back from a tour and finding out your childhood bestfriend has gone missing you'll do everything to get her back
Dedicated to Megan Mitchell my best bud


6. I deserved to know

Harry's Pov


"Why the Hell didn't you tell me!"I raged "Harry it would have ruined your career you were so happy"

Paul said casually "WELL I AM NOT HAPPY NOW YOU LIED TO MY FACE DO YOU KNOW SOMETHING , I LOVE HER AND SHE MIGHT BE DEAD DON'T YOU THINK I HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW THINGS FROM MY PRIVATE LIFE!" I spat . "Of course you deserved to know Harry,all is not lost Megan could still be alive" he said softly then left. I punched the wall in frustration . I opened the door and Louis tumbled into the room "I wasn't listening" he said innocently "Lou" I said raising an eyebrow "ok ok I was listening but Haz please tell me about this Megan" he pleaded."Ok" I answered. I spilled everything to Louis and couldn't help but grin every time I heard the word Megan escape my lips.

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