Imagine coming back from a tour and finding out your childhood bestfriend has gone missing you'll do everything to get her back
Dedicated to Megan Mitchell my best bud


5. Hard to hear

Harry's Pov

I arrived in Holmes Chapel a few hours ago and said hello to my family but I am really excited to see my best friend who I have HUGE crush on Megan.I open the little gate and smile at the tree stood next to it with H+M carved in . I knock on the door to reveal a very surprised Mrs Mitchell "Harry?" she asked it looked like she hadn't slept in days "I am here to see Megan" I grinned at her name Mrs Mitchell shot me a pained expression."Come in" she said I stepped inside Megan's house had not changed one bit same furniture and statues of Buddha (her mum likes that sort of stuff) "sit down dear" Mrs Mitchell said motioning the sofa I plopped down next to her and she held my hand tight."Dear this is going to be hard to hear but Megan s-s-she has been missing for over 3 months now" she whispered on the edge of crying "WHAT! NO ONE BOTHERED TO TELL ME!" I shouted "I tried, the day she had gone missing I rang you but your bands management said that you were too busy and I cannot tell you as it would ruin career" she stuttered "WHO CARES ABOUT MY FREAKING CAREER WHEN THE GIRL I LOVE IS MISSING!" I started pacing up and down "y-y-you loved her?" Mrs Mitchell asked her eyes glassy with tears "AND I NEVER STOPPED!"I said my voice cracking slightly. "I am leaving" I shook my head and ran to the door and down the path I ran to the secret den me and Megan made when we were kids and sat down then my phone rings."Mate you've got to come to the studio paul wants to talk to us" it was Liam "yeah well I have a few things to say myself" I muttered.

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