Fell For The Enemy

My Names Chelsea Hill And This Is The Story Of How I Fell In Love With My Enemy Justin Bieber.

*Mainly Chelsea's P.O.V but a lot of Justin's*


4. You Know Too Much

Chelsea's P.O.V

a groan left my lips as my eyes finally gained enough strength to pry themselves open and the light from the windows found their way into my vision i tried to block the light with my hand only to find i had been tied down to a chair, hands and feet but it was nothing i couldn't get out of. it took a while for my eyes to adjust to the light before i could make out where i was, i was in a bedroom that was quite big, king size bed, two bedside tables, a dress, a bathroom and a TV. i started to tug on the ropes, my hand was about to slip out when someone spoke up.

"i wouldn't do that if i was you, you wont get out." if it wasn't for this chair i probably would've jumped about thirty feet because of how much he scared me, he slowly made his way out of the bathroom and over to where i was. he brushed his fingers through his hair before dropping his hands to his side once more, his dark caramel brown eyes locked on mine, he was wearing a black leather jacket, white V-neck, dark blue jeans and black supras, there was something mysterious about the way he acted which made me shiver under his gaze.

"you doubt my abilities." i said sarcastically.

"you're a girl, your abilities aren't that good..." he trailed off wiating for my name, that comment made my blood boil, he was that type of guy.

"chelsea, don't bother telling me who you are, i know already, bieber." he looked quite taken back.

"how do you know?" he asked, i decided to ignore it.

"what do you want from me." i said bluntly.

"oh nothing, i'm just a bit, you know..." he trailed off placing his hands on each arm of the chair and inching his face closer to mine, "curious" he whispered, i felt the goosebumps appear on my skin as his hot breath hit my cheek.

"about what?" i asked, silently thanking god that i hadn't let my nervousness show through my voice, he backed away from my face only by an inch and studied my every feature as i did to him, he licked his lips,


"why," he bit his lip and instantly it was as though another person had taken over him, his brown eyes were now a dark black, his grip around the chair tightened and his breathing intensified.

"curious as to why the fuck you were at that coffee shop." he hissed.

"i uh i.." i didn't know how to respond, fear instantly took over.

"spit it out." he snapped.

"i-i don't know." i blurted.

"how could you not know, you were sitting there listening to my business, what the fuck were you doing there." his voice raised.


"don't fucking speak to me like that you little bitch." he spat.

"you're a real fucking asshole you know that? i should've listened to them." i muttered, he furrowed his eyebrows.

"listened to who?" he spoke.

"just people." i spat back.

"what are they saying." he sounded quite concerned.

"let's just say they aren't entirely fond of you." i said with a hint of smart ass.

"well i don't give a fuck so you better shut that pretty little mouth of yours unless it's put to good use, like to say, sucking my dick." he smirked, my mouth hung wide open at his blunt statement.

"you're unbelievable."

"you're not the first girl to say that to me." he winked at me.

"why do you kidnap every girl you see on the street." i spat in disgust.

"only the ones that fuck with my plans." i pretended to struggle to free my hands again, he just chuckled.

"just get me outta here, i want nothing to do with you."

"i'm sorry but i can't let that happen..." he chuckled darkly, "you know too much."

"am i ever getting out of here." i asked.

"we'll see." he smirked once again inching his face closer to mine, his hands on my inner thighs now, "now behave." he whispered in my ear slowly.

"w-what a-re you going t-to do to me" i stuttered, inwardly cursing myself.

"it's not what i'm gonna do to you, it's what what i'm going to do with you." he whispered again causing my breath to hitch.

"do i make you..." he tailed off in a whisper as he moved from my ear to my lips, "nervous?" he breathed against my lips, this is so wrong but something inside of my just wanted to attach my lips to his but i couldn't.


"you're lying." and with that he backed off and walked out of the room leaving my speechless, i didn't mind that he had left because i could finally free my arms, i tugged at the ropes and my arms just flew out, "idiot." i mumbled before bending down and untying my feet. i pulled out my phone and of course nat already knew the situation and had already texted me.

'i know this isn't what we had planned but it's better, remember what i use to tell you - natalie." instantly i knew what she was saying but no she couldn't be expecting me to do that, that's crazy but her words from that day kept repeating in my head.

"get close with the enemy, gain their trust, get inside their head, then break it and break them."

Justin's P.O.V

i made my way down stairs, annoyed at myself. how could i be so careless, she could've gotten hurt, i don't what i would have done if history had repeated itself, i don't need another life on my conscious.

"justin, how the fuck could you not know she was there?" my head shot up to see my dylan standing there furious, i just shook my head.

"i don't know, she was silent and she was hidden." i muttered taking a seat on the couch in the midle of the lounge room, taking the remote in my hands and turning the tv on.

"you're a fucking idiot you always do a perimeter check before you handle business." he spat, standing in the way of my view.

"look, all i wanted was that girls fucking whereabouts and the package, i wasn't focusing on who was there, it was her own fucking fault, get out of the fucking way." i snapped.

"what the fuck is going on now." my head shot to the door where jason and emmett were.

"why don't you ask that fuckwit there," dylan spat once again gesturing his hand in my direction.

"a girl got in the way of my business tonight, she saw me murder alex, i had no idea she was there, you out of all people should know i wouldn't hurt girls jason or purposely put her in this position, not after what happened." jason just shook his head.

"i know bro, it's her fault she was there." i nodded my head in understanding.

"what do you want me to do," i asked, he was the leader after all.

"she can't leave, not yet what she knows could get you arrested so we have to make sure she would never want to tell anyone about what she saw, even if she wanted to" i looked at him and furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

"what are you suggesting." i questioned.

"make her fall for you." my mouth hung open in disbelief, this couldn't be happening.

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