Fell For The Enemy

My Names Chelsea Hill And This Is The Story Of How I Fell In Love With My Enemy Justin Bieber.

*Mainly Chelsea's P.O.V but a lot of Justin's*


6. The Bieber Charm

Chelsea's P.O.V
"they've replaced you." natalie whispered barely audible on the other side of the phone.

"what do you mean they replaced me, I trained for two years straight. they can't just do that it's only been two days!" I snapped raising my voice, standing up from the couch I had fallen asleep on last night and brushing my free hand through my hair.

"they can and they already have." she snapped back. 

"why?" I asked curious as to why I was being let go when I had done absolutely nothing wrong. 

"they think you're too vulnerable, they got a guy to do the job and he's already more experienced than you, I'm sorry Chelsea." 

"what's his name." I blurted.

"Emmett Rimirez, apparently he has already been working on the case for the past eight months." she admitted, "I think you were just a fill in, not really needed." 

"well with or without you or the agency I'm going to go through with this plan, and no one can stop me." I spat rather harshly hanging up almost as soon as the words left my mouth. 

"un fucking believable." I muttered to myself as I walked into the kitchen to make myself something to eat to distract myself from the previous events that had just taken place. the name emmett rang a bell but I couldn't quite put my finger on where I had heard it before, it probably wasnt him though. 

I put my phone on the bench, poured myself a bowl of cereal and scrolled through Twitter on my phone checking what all the latest celebs were up to for a while before heading up into my bathroom and striping off to take a shower and relax. I started humming to the tune of my favourite song confessions by usher while i mindlessly washed myself until I was pretty sure that if I washed myself anymore I'd squeak. I stepped out of the shower into the now steamy bathroom and loosely wrapped the towel around my bare chest, I wasn't to fussed about holding it tight as I lived by myself and the likelihood of running into anyone between my bedroom and bathroom was low.

I walked out into my bedroom and opened my closet doors in search for something comfortable to wear as I hadn't planned anything for today but almost jumped out of my skin when a pair of arms found their way around my waist and the feeling of someone's hot breath was on the nape of my neck, my heart was racing at this point but instantly slowed when I knew who it was.

"you know, you should be more careful about locking doors, anyone could let themselves in." his deep raspy voice whispered in my ear.

"just like you did Bieber?" I spat, praying that he would let go of his grip around me, but he didn't.

"yes, just like I did." he whispered again, there was a slight pause before he spoke up again, "has anyone ever told you that you look good in just a towel?" i gulped rather loud causing him to chuckle lightly, "but I'm positive you'd look a lot better wearing... nothing." my breath started to shake as his hands traveled from my waist to the bottom of my towel then he lightly tugged on it, I was still facing the wardrobe but I had a gut feeling he had a playful smirk on his face especially after I lost control of my speech.

"w-what are y-you doing here a-anyways." I gulped, silently cursing myself. 

"I told you last night, you can't get rid of my that easily, plus I want to take you out as a thank you for not going to the police." he admitted releasing me from his hold as he took a seat on the end of my bed, I turned to face him only to find his eyes had been searching in a different place. 

"my eyes are up here!" I snapped my fingers and pointed to my face in an attempt to get him to look me in the eyes and not at my chest.

"I have made my choice." he muttered with a playful glint in his eyes, it was then that I realised I had been too focused on the conversation between us to realise that the towel was only just hanging onto my chest and my breasts were almost revealed to his greedy wandering eyes. I quickly tightened it and lifted it up almost around my neck so that no cleavage was showing.

"why'd you do that.." Justin whined, I had known this kid for two days and he was already being a total pervert towards me. well actually I knew a lot about him. I bit my lip contemplating on whether I should let him take me out or if I should just show him the door instead and save myself the humiliation of the agency finding out.

"where are you taking me?" I blurted without thinking of the outcome. 

"So does that mean you'll come?" he said smiling, I just nodded my head thinking about all the possibilities of how this night will end. "I made a reservation at Sofia's last night, no need to thank me." He said with a massive grin on his face, this Justin was completely different from the one I had the displeasure of being in the presence of yesterday, this side of Justin was rather cute, that was until the voice in my head reminded me of his dirty deed. 

"wait, so if you made a reservation last night, how'd you know I'd agree to join you?" he just smiled and stood up, making his way towards me again.

"No one can resist the Bieber charm babe." he winked at me before leaning down into my ear once more and whispering in my ear with his raspy deep voice that could almost make me do anything he wanted me to, "By the way, wear something that's not to hard to get off, it will make my job tonight much easier." he slapped my ass on his way out if the room and my mouth shot open, "I'll be waiting down stairs for you babe, remember what I suggested." 

his movement and level of cockiness almost made me throw up in my mouth, "where's the tightest thing in my closet." I said to myself, maybe a little too loud as Justin must've heard.

"fine, be like that but I'll just have to rip it off you." he chuckled darkly. 

if that kid thinks he's getting anywhere near me in that way he has another thing coming. 

tonight's going to be the longest night of my life. 


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