Fell For The Enemy

My Names Chelsea Hill And This Is The Story Of How I Fell In Love With My Enemy Justin Bieber.

*Mainly Chelsea's P.O.V but a lot of Justin's*


7. Sofia's

Chelsea's P.O.V

it didn't take long until i finally figured out what I was going to wear out to dinner with justin who was currently walking around the main level of my house. I pulled on my favorite white t-shirt, green cargo jacket, three quarter rolled up dark blue jeans and my black combat boots before walking into my bathroom to apply make up and straighten my hair. the way I dressed was in no way influenced by Justin and the way I  acted wasn't going to change just because he was taking me out to dinner.

I made my way downstairs to find Justin with his hands in his pockets, his back facing the stairs, rocking back and forth on the heels of his black supras waiting for me to make an appearance. I paused half way down the stairs as he turned around revealing his beautiful face to my eyes, if it wasn't for the voice in the back of my mind constantly reminding me of what he did, I wouldn't have guessed that he was a criminal, he just looked so innocent with that smile of his. 

i took a glance at what he was wearing and instantly felt better about choosing casual clothes as he had done the same, black t-shirt, dark jeans, black supras and a gold chain around his necklace, nothing fancy with his hair slightly flicked up at the front. his eyes traveled down my body and back up instantly after I cleared my throat and continued to walk down the stairs until I was standing in front of him.

"i-argh, are you ready?" he swallowed, taking his hands out of his pockets and holding one out towards me, waiting for me to take it but I just nodded and brushed passed him and locked the door behind me as he shut it after him.

"just because I agreed to coming out to dinner with you, doesn't mean I forgive you for knocking me out and kidnapping me." I spat opening the car door and sitting inside as he did the same.

"if you didn't stick your nose into other people's business, maybe we wouldn't be in this predicament, bitch." he growled, furious at the fact I had declined his hand and spat at him.

"you know what, forget this, I'll just make 2 minute noodles for dinner I don't need to put up with your shit for the night." raising my voice I went to yank open the door to find it had been child locked, I yanked at it a few more times before finally giving up and leaning back in my chair, he burst into laughter, "fucking bastard, I bet this is what you do to all of your dates just so they won't escape. what's next, the date rape drug?" i said under my breath silently praying that he hasn't heard me, suddenly the car went dead silent,

"what did you just fucking say?" he spoke rather harshly.

"just drive." I muttered. I was half expecting another out burst telling me that I shouldn't tell him what to do or talk to him in that way but instead he revved the engine and pulled out of the driveway and started heading out of my neighbourhood. 

after an hour of staring out the window at empty streets, tapping on the dashboard and silence between me and justin, we finally pulled into a car park where the only source of light was the the large sign that read 'Sofia's'. he took the key out of the slot, sighed heavily and looked me in the eyes with guilt, "look, I really am sorry for kidnapping you and knocking you out, I just had to. I couldn't risk it." I just nodded my head in understanding as he shoved his keys back into his pockets and opened his door before walking around and opening mine for me.

"ready for dinner?" he smirked at me, holding out his hand for me to take as he swiped his tongue across his bottom lip. I grabbed his hand without thinking as he helped me up out of the car, shutting the door behind me. I couldn't help but think that Justin was probably the most gorgeous guy I had ever laid eyes on, but it was wrong of me to think the guy that murdered my father was attractive. I quickly jerked my hand free of his and nodded my head as he led us through the door and we were assigned out seats up the back of the restaurant.

he pulled my chair out and waited for me to take a seat before politely walking around to his. we both picked up our menus.

"have you decided what you're having yet, it's on me" he spoke as he placed a finger on the top of the menu and dragged it down so it revealed my face to his and his smirk to me. this is the first real time I had gotten to take in his appearance, my eyes wondered all over the sleeve of tattoos which made me wonder what and if there was a story behind each and everyone of those inked marks, before I could go on he cleared his throat only for to find I had been staring at him for quite sometime without answering his question.

"yeah, just a burger and fries please." I said politely, he grinned before calling the waitress over and telling her what we'd like, her eyes suddenly widened when she looked at me before she hurried off into the kitchen, Justin was completely oblivious to what had just happened.

"thanks for agreeing to come our tonight, I really am sorry about what I did." he said sympathetically, running his tongue over his bottom lip.

"its the least you could do." I spat back unaware of how harsh it sounded, crossing my arms across my chest and leaning back into my chair.

"look, I'm trying my hardest to be nice and make it up to you, the least you could do is realise that I'm not a cold blooded murderer and I actually have feelings too." he spat. i didnt the chance to speak up again, the bell indicating that someone had walked in rang and Justin shifted uncomfortably in his seat before his brown eyes were replaced with a pitch black colour and his whole ora changed. I turned around to see what possibly could've made Justin that nervous until I saw five guys entered wearing all black hoodies and hockie masks, they looked horrifyinly dangerous.

"GET DOWN" one yelled pulling his gun out, instantly there were cries of infants and shrieks of poor defenceless women and the heavy breathing of men as they all did as they were told, I slid off of my chair onto the floor in front of Justin who had done the same.

"now," one of them spoke up rather calmly, "where is Chelsea Hill," he continued rather deviously, it wasn't until a minute later that I realised they were talking about me, me as in my real identity, not Chelsea Stevens the girl I hide behind, me. a lump formed in the back of my throat making it impossibly hard for me to breathe, "we know you're here Chelsea, you can't hide forever you know, you had to know we'd find you somehow.' he chuckled darkly.

almost instantly one of the guys wandering eyes fell apon Justin and me and just as I had thought, however they were, they recognised me.

"guys I found her." I heard one of them mutter, loud enough. But wait, why were they looking for me? what had I done?. they slowly moved closer to us. a gasp escaped my lips as someone grabbed my wrist, pulled me out from under the table and out the back door before forcing me to sprint, it was Justin. he was helping me escape. I heard the door open behind us but didn't dare look behind me, I kept running and following Justin until the footsteps behind us faded and were no longer to be heard. I turned around to see if we were in the clear and to my surprise, we were but when I turned back, Justin was gone. 

I jumped as a hand found it's way over my mouth to muffle my desperate tries to scream as whoever it was dragged me off into a dark alley near by. 

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