Fell For The Enemy

My Names Chelsea Hill And This Is The Story Of How I Fell In Love With My Enemy Justin Bieber.

*Mainly Chelsea's P.O.V but a lot of Justin's*


1. Prologue

my name is Chelsea Hill but i now go by Chelsea Stevens for my own safety, my father -a private investigator for the police force in Brooklyn- was killed by a gang when i was seventeen which meant i had to drop out of school and get a job to help provide for myself and my mother.

my mother -unemployed for my sake at the time- unfortunately lost her battle with cancer shortly after the death of my father. i'm nineteen now and my life is a living hell if you couldn't already tell by now but somehow i have seemed to have coped with it all in the past two years.

i live in Manhattan by myself, no friends, no family because i had to drop everything and everyone i knew because the gang was apparently looking for me so i had to change my name and move from Brooklyn to Manhattan and take up a private course in order to learn the ropes of self defense, well that's what my instructor thought anyways, i was actually hired by a federal undercover agency to track down and kill the gang in which killed my father.

two years in training and i'm finally ready to find them.


no reviews = no chapter.

hey hey guys, here's my new justin bieber fan fic, i hope you like it and enjoy it because i have been wanting to start it for a while now but three fan fictions is a shitload to write. this only the introduction to the story so don't be going and getting snippy because its short hahaha my normal chapters are definitely a lot longer then this one, just a warning though that there will be mature scenes and profane language in this, i warned you so don't go have a spat attack on me, i won't upload the first real chapter until i'm sure that a lot of people are reading this and that i'm not just writing for one person.

love you guys xoxox 

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