Fell For The Enemy

My Names Chelsea Hill And This Is The Story Of How I Fell In Love With My Enemy Justin Bieber.

*Mainly Chelsea's P.O.V but a lot of Justin's*


2. How It All Started

The Day Of My Fathers Death;
i lived with both of my parents, my father -John Hill- was a stranger in this household, he was always being called out to the station in the middle of the night so it was pretty much just me and my mom -Kelly Hill- majority of the time. despite the minimum amount of time that i had with him when we did get father daughter days they're probably the most special to me, i loved my father dearly and even a small hug hello or goodbye could change my mood for the whole day. 

it was just another normal day, i was seventeen at the time still young but old enough to know what had happened. my father was called out at five in the morning per usual, me and my mother sat on the lawn chairs out back by the pool tanning and listening to music, we suspected nothing of what was too come in the next ten minutes, we had no idea our whole lives would be turned around with a short sentence.

we were interrupted by the loud ring of the doorbell, i told my mother not to move and that i was quite capable of protecting myself if it was in any way needed. 
"who is it." i asked through our shut door, that way if they didn't answer and seemed like a potential threat i wouldn't open the door.

"it's Mark, love." i smiled at the thought of my uncle standing on the other side of the door, i swung the door open and leaped into his arms completely oblivious to the two tall police men standing directly behind him. they both had a look of sympathy in their eyes at the sight of this young girl before them happy as ever, my uncle looked somewhat depressed as well.

"young lady, would you mind us stepping inside for a bit, we have some sad news to inform you about, please if you would get your mother in here as well." one of the police officers spoke up, i nodded my head instantly getting the feeling that something had happened to my father and hurried out to the back, dragging my mom in by her wrists to sit on the couch as the policemen spoke up.

"we are sorry to inform you that your husband, John, was called out this morning to check out a few things not far from here, the situation between himself and a group or gang of boys got out of control, i'm so sorry mrs hill but your husband will not be coming home tonight" my mom burst into tears along with myself as it set in that my fathers smile would no longer be present, no more father daughter days, no more goodmorning kisses on the forehead while i pretended to be asleep, it was me and my mother alone.

"what happened." i whispered through the tears.

"he was shot in the center of the forehead, what ever guy it was out of the gang is experienced and knows what he's doing... luckily they were recognized at the scene by a bystander and we got each and everyone of their names, they are regulars at the station." the other police officer spoke up, passing me a booklet of mug shots and information on each of them. "we thought because they are around the same age as you that you might know them." i flipped through them all, unfortunately i didn't recognize any of them but the names did sound familiar at the time especially the caramel haired boy with sun kissed skin named 'Justin Bieber', later i found out that my father and my mother had actually spoke of him the night before, my uncle now by my moms side in a desperate attempt to calm her down.

"we have been to each and every one of there houses, they knew we'd be coming for them so they up and left without a trace, but i promise you we will do everything in our power to find them, your father was a good man Chelsea, we will miss him around the station." my mom was still in tears, i asked the officers if i could keep the booklet which they happily let me, i saw them out and hugged my uncle again as i probably wouldn't see him again for a while due to the circumstances.   

the last thing i remember of that day was me sitting on my bed staring at the booklet that sat perfectly on my desk, something then just erupted inside of me i was furious and angry that i no one even tried to save my father but i was even angrier with the gang of guys, that's when i knew what i had to do, 

i was going to get revenge and this Justin Bieber boy was my first victim.


the next day was the start of my two long years of training with my instructor Natalie, we were quite fond of each other now but we are not friends, i learn't that it's not safe to make friends or relationships with anyone in this type of work because the first thing these gang guys will do is hunt for someone, anyone that will weaken you or get you to back down and do what you want.

so all in all it's been a long and lonely two years but it will all make up for it when i have the smell of fresh blood and a pile of lifeless bodies that belong to all of the gang members at my feet, especially Justin Bieber's and his twin brother Jason McCan's who are the leaders of all of them.

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