Fell For The Enemy

My Names Chelsea Hill And This Is The Story Of How I Fell In Love With My Enemy Justin Bieber.

*Mainly Chelsea's P.O.V but a lot of Justin's*


3. Blood, Sweat And Tears


Chelsea's P.O.V

"two years in training, all the blood, sweat and tears all in preparation for tonight, are you ready?" nat spoke up as soon as we had finished our last coarse, she wiped her forehead with her towel that was now slung over her shoulder.

"ready as i'll ever be, bit nervous though." i breathed in, of course i was nervous i was going to be face to face with the person who murdered my father. 

he had no idea though, see for the past year or so we have been tracking their every move and have finally found the right time to start phase one, Justin Bieber was the one we have our eyes set on tonight, we hacked into his phone and found out that he would be at an abandoned coffee shop around the corner from the defense center in which i trained in at 6pm for some 'business'. don't ask me what kind of business a murderer would be doing at a worn down coffee shop because it beats me but the only reason i needed to go there was see if i could gain any information on the whole gangs whereabouts.

it was 5:57 pm now which meant i had to hurry up and get ready, "you're coming too, aren't you?" i asked nat, she shook her head.

"no chelsea, i trust that i have trained you well enough to go alon-"

"but what if i'm not ready natalie, what if he just lashes out and kills me." i interrupted.

"then you haven't payed enough attention to my classes."

"i'm being serious nat."

"well i'll miss you." she laughed, "now hurry up, the outfit is in the closet over there, lock up when you're done for me, yeah kay thanks, i gotta go but i wish you the best of luck." she giggled as she walked out of the center, typical nat she'll go from serious instructor to giggling sweet friend in 0.2 seconds, it's too bad that we haven't been able to become close friends due to the circumstances but we do get along quite well when no ones around.

i walked over to the shower room, stripped down and stepped into the shower wiping away any evidence that i had been working out and i thought about all the possibilities that could happen, i got out and walked over to the closet and pulled out the outfit that nat had kindly given me from her years of being a federal spy, i pulled on the black skinny jean like pants, a black tight singlet, a cargo jacket, massive black combat boots and dog tags that had my name engraved just in case anything happened so people would be able to realize me, grabbing my gun i placed it between my belt and my skin. i pulled my dark brown hair out of the ponytail and brushed it lightly so it fell just above my hips, i re applied a small amount of foundation and mascara before taking a final look at my small petite figure in the mirror, my green eyes stand out more than anything else on me.

silently praying to god that justin didn't recognize my fathers features in me i grabbed my bag and walked out of the center, locking up just like she had asked me to and walked around to the deserted coffee shop cautious of everything around me. there was absolutely no one around, the coffee shop was old and rusty, windows smashed and doors half hanging off their hinges, i walked in and a bell rang resulting in me almost shitting my pants, obviously it was one of those things that let the waiters know someone had arrived, surprised it was still working though, i looked around before placing my bag behind a half wall that obviously used to be a counter and sat silently behind it waiting for any sound indicating that people were here.

my heart beating a thousand times per minute, someone in which i hoped was justin walked through causing the bell to ring and towards the middle of the store, i shut my eyes and silently prayed that he didn't find me, at least not now anyways.

within a matter of minutes the bell went off again indicating that another person joined him only increasing my heart rate, trying so desperately to slow down my breathing so i could over hear their conversation i clenched my hands into fists by my side.

'you got the girls whereabouts and the shipment, alex?'

'you know i don't got it, justin i told you that.'

'that was three fucking weeks ago alex, what the fuck have you been doing with the money i gave you if you haven't used it for the shipment and her whereabouts.' he sounded like he was getting angrier with each second that passed.

'a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do, you feelin' me bro.' that statement literally made me throw up a tad in my mouth, he sounded like one of those assholes who thinks he can get any girl he wanted without even trying, ew is all i can say, noo wonder he has to pay to get a girl to go within a meter of his dick.

'sorry fucking a walking disease isn't on my agenda, plus i don't need to pay money for a girl to get in my pants, they find their own way there.' a slight chuckle left his lips and as much as i hated the attitude he had, i laughed as well, maybe a little too loud seeing how they both stopped for a slight second before returning to their argument.

'shut the fuck up, i'll have the shipment and her whereabouts next week if you give me the money again.'

'uh-uh how do i know you wont pay another bitch to fuck you.' his tone now serious

'you'll just have to wait and see.' alex spoke up after a moments silence.

'no, no more waiting, i have given you enough chances...' he trailed off, everything went quite until someones breathing became a little heavier and the click of a gun being readied to fire was heard, 

'what, so you're gonna kill me now, who else is gonna trak down chelsea hill and get the shipment for you?' a gasp left my lips as i realized that the girl he was looking for, was me.

'i've got my people, you think you're the only one that can find her, HA please you must be fucking delusional, no, no more games, you fucked with and i have had enough.'

'oh cmon justin, no ones gonna be able to find her, they haven't been able to for the past two years, you know i'm the one you need.'

'i don't fucking need you, i can find her myself.'

'what are you gonna do, shoot me, i'm your best guy.' 

'you were my best guy, alex.' he continued before a loud bang erupted through the building, a gasp left my lips which i instantly regretted.

"who's there?" i didn't respond, nor move a muscle until i heard his footsteps coming closer, i grabbed the metal object from my belt and held it firmly in my hands, ready for anything.

"i said, who the fuck is there?" he raised his voice even louder this time, my hands sweating like crazy and my mind racing, i felt like i could throw up any second, this would be a perfect head line, 'the hills daughter is dead after failed attempt to stay quite' i'd be the fucking laughing stock of the agency. when i heard him finally approach the side of the counter i tried to make minimum sound i pushing my bag under the counter and tried to go under myself which i succeeded, so i thought.

as soon as i squished through to the other side, i was still flat on my stomach when i saw two feet step in front of my face, my heart sunk and i stopped breathing knowing exactly who it was and what he was capable of seeing as i was still half under the counter and had no control over my legs.

"h-hi." was the only thing i got to say before everything went black and dead silent.


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