Fell For The Enemy

My Names Chelsea Hill And This Is The Story Of How I Fell In Love With My Enemy Justin Bieber.

*Mainly Chelsea's P.O.V but a lot of Justin's*


5. Are You Crazy?

Justin's P.O.V 

i instantly moved from where i was sitting and walked towards jason "are you crazy? you can't be fucking serious, i'm not fucking doing that!" i snapped in disbelief my hands waving in the air In front of his face trying to snap him out of whatever mental episode he was going through, his expression went from understanding to furious in two seconds.

"what else are we gonna do justin, huh? if you want to let her go for her to tell the police and you get arrested by all means go ahead, do it, i'm not going to stop you." he put his hands up in mock surrender before joining the rest of the gang sitting on the couch.

"what's her loving me going to do huh? she'll follow me around, think we're dating, get involved ten times more and find out more about our history, do you fucking want that, do you want her to find out about 'him'? huh? And what happens when I tell her I don't love her back she'll tell them anyway!"

he smirked looking at how worked up i had gotten over his little suggestion, "no she wont, and by the time she does we would've had enough time to pack and leave so just enjoy yourself while she's drooling over you." my eyebrows furrowed, placing a hand on the back of my neck, i rubbed it desperately trying calm down so I wouldn't raise my voice and she would be able to hear us, that's the last thing we needed.

"and how do you know that." i asked mindlessly, taking a seat on the end of the couch placing my elbows on each of my knees and intertwining my fingers together, slowly giving into the idea. who knows, she might be great in bed. a smirk instantly spread across my face at the thought of her naked body pressed against mine.

"trust me bieber, when have I ever failed you?" he said cockily, i rolled my eyes and chuckled darkly but if I was being honest he always followed through with his plans. I let a dark chuckle escape my lips before lifting myself off of the couch and heading out over to the staircase.

"hey bieber" emmett spoke up, I turned around sharply to face him, I wasn't entirely fond of him, I don't know if it's his attitude towards every situation he faces or the way he thinks he's the king of the world, he was just an annoying little twat. I slightly nodded my head to confirm that I was listening before he continued what I presumed to be another one of his childish dares or bets, "I'll give you a hundred bucks if you fuck her."

"easy money, I'm in." I took my left hand and brushed it through my hair before flashing my famous smirk in his direction, increasing the space between us as I made my way up the stairs and out of his sight.

"fucking dickhead." I muttered once I was out of ears reach, "argh, this should be fun." I said rather displeased with the bet I had agreed to, my hand on the handle, I heard shuffling come from the other side of the door but thought nothing of it until I opened it to find the room empty.

I knew she was in here somewhere seeing as the windows were deadlocked and no one had walked down the stairs passed us in the living room through the front door.

"you know you should really learn how to tie proper knots if you're planning on holding someone hostage... just thought I should let you know for future reference." she walked out of the bathroom with a smirk on her face and the now loose ropes hanging off her index finger.

"a girl who can look after herself, I like that, it's..." I trailed off, inching closer to her and snacking my arms around her waist catching her by surprise as a gasp escaped her heart shaped plump lips, i lowered my mouth to her earlobe, "sexy." I whispered with my raspy tone continuing with my recent motions. a dark chuckle emitted from my lips as her breathing hitched and she placed both her hands on my chest, pushing me off of her petite figure, I could tell this was going to take a while before she warmed up to me but it was worth the wait if I got to hear her moan my name.

"take me home." she whispered picking up her jacket and moving towards the door at a rapid pace.

"why, don't you want to have a little fun?" I chuckled darkly, she just groaned in disgust and turned around sharply to face me still leaning in the bathroom doorway.

"Justin is it?" I nodded in approval before she continued, "I would rather jump of the Empire State Building and kill myself than go anywhere near you in that way, now if you don't fucking mind you either take me home or I'll just walk out now and tell the police everything I saw?" she spat, a lump formed in my throat at the mention of the police, I just nodded my head and grabbed my keys off of the bedside table before forcefully grabbing her forearm and slamming the door shut behind her, furious.

she squirmed under my aggressive touch, but I had no intention of letting go. I got death stares from the guys on the couch as I walked past with her still in my grip, I knew they wanted me to maker her fall in love with me but if she's going to be a pain in the ass it's not going to happen.

Chelsea's P.O.V 

I hated him, I hated the way he acted and I hated the way he treated me there's no way in hell I'll fucking get him to fall for me because the last thing I want is a conceded jerk hanging off of me and watching my every move. everything in me just want to call the agency and tell them where I was but I fought the urge, I have waited two years to kill these fuckers and I'm not about to blow it all on just full on killing everyone after knowing them a split second.

the short walk downstairs and passed the group of guys on the couch, which I assumed was the rest of the gang as they looked identical to the mug shots i was given the day my father was killed, was short and awkward as Justin's hand was firmly placed on my forearm pulling me out the front door receiving nothing but a smile from the others.

"I'm not an animal get your hands off of me." I spat as he pulled me faster towards his black range rover.

"I don't give a fuck what you are right now but if you want to make it home alive I suggest you shut the fuck up and do as I say, get in the car." I bit back a laugh as he thought he scared me.

"no." I chuckled.

"look you can stay here in the basement or you can go home to your own bed, it's your choice... babe." he raised his eyebrows waiting for my answer but a smirk spread across his features as I walked towards the car.

"this is for my bed, not because I'm scared of you." I muttered earning a grin as he shut my door after I sat down. he made his way to the other side of the car hopping in and speeding off down the street. I gave him the directions to my house as he sped down every road we were on.

"Can you slow the fuck down please, I'd like to make it home alive thank you." I spat under my breath, he huffed before pulling out a smoke from the glove box in front of me and lighting it, inhaling the substance before breathing it out, making it fill the car with smoke resulting in me having a coughing attack.

"who are you, my mother?" he spat, I didn't even think twice before I rolled down my window and reached across my seat snatching the disgusting smoke out of his hand and chucked it out the window.

"AYE" he screamed as he watched his smoke fly out of my hands.

"no and I'd feel sorry for myself if I was." I spat back, he winced at my words and his grip tightened on the steering wheel, i continued "matter of fact, please apologize to her for me next time you see her."

"i cant." he whispered, for once he didn't look like he was about to pull a gun out from his back pocket and shoot me in an instant, he looked like he was hurt, his eyes were a warm brown color and not a black harsh tone as he focused on the road in front of him, it was quite for at least twenty minutes before i brought up enough strength to ask the question he probably dreaded.

"why not" i asked quietly, every muscle in his body tensed right at that moment before he spoke.

"we're here, get out." he spat rather harshly. i looked out the window and sure enough we were outside my tiny little house, i could sense that he didn't want to go any further with the topic, so i nodded my head, grabbed my bag that was at my feet and stood out of the car. i went to walk away after shutting the door but the sound of the window rolling down stopped me.

"when will i see you again?" he half shouted.

"i don't know, whenever you kidnap me i guess." he chuckled darkly at my response, "thanks for the lift." i smiled halfheartedly before turning my back on him and walking inside my house, locking the door behind me as he sped off down my street. 

natalie is going to kill me once she finds out that i didn't get anywhere with this 'make him fall in love with you' bullshit and to be completely honest, i don't want to do it, i was hired to kill not be loved. a small sigh emitted from my lips as i pulled off my clothes and hopped into the shower, letting the hot water surround me. after what felt like years i finally got out and pulled on some trackies and a crop top and headed downstairs where my laptop, phone and the ice cream i had been craving were currently situated.

i sat myself on the large couch in the cinema room with my laptop at across my thighs as i scrolled through tumblr and the ice cream tub with a spoon sitting at my feet while gossip girl was playing on my tv, not to watch just to keep me company as i lived by myself and it got a little too quite for my liking sometimes. my eyes slowly shutting as i scrolled through endless pictures of try hard hipsters and girls with thigh gaps but immediately widened as my phone lit up out the corner of my eye indicating i had gotten a message, groaning as i moved from my comfortable position, i picked it up thinking it would be natalie giving me a lecture on what had happened today since she probably already knew but it wasn't, it was unknown.

'you honestly thought you could get rid of me that easily, nice try babe, see you soon ;) - unknown'


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