running away

Holly and Zara are on the run from their step dad, they know what they did wrong but they can't face it.

Holly's life begins to change as she meets the funny, cute one and only Harry Styles, will their differences tear them apart or will it bring them closer?


1. On our own.

On our own
Holly's POV:
"Is he gone?" Asked Zara, my sister. "Yeah, I think" I whisper to my sister. "On the count of three, run! 1..2..3!" Zara calls and we both run to safety. "where are we going to stay tonight? Holly, we cant sleep here tonight, we're going to freeze and theres a chance he'll find us here." Zara warns me. "I know, but we cant stay at nans, thats the first place he's gong to look for us and we dont have any other realatives here in Birmingham" I replied worried. "We can stay at Jakes, he owns a flat just 15 minutes away." Zara says wrapping her scarf around her neck. "But he's your boyfriend, he wouldn't want me staying with you. We do need a place to stay, so fine." I pull my phone out, I see about 20 messages from him...GET THE HELL BACK HOME! When I get my hands on you I'm going to hurt you so bad! I start to reply to him but Zara grabs my phone, "Don't! We need to go. ok?" I nod. Zara leads us to Jakes flat. Zara knocks a few times, jake answers looking tired. "Hey Zara and Holly." Zara and Jake hug and kiss. "Jake, we need a place to stay for a few nights, can we stay at yours?" Zara asks, "Of course! you can stay as long as you want!" He smiles and leads us inside. I stand there abit awkwardly until Jake notices me "Hey, you can sleep on the couch I'll get you some fresh pillows and a quilt." Jake walks off. Zara and I glance at each other, "Should we tell him?" She asks, "I don't think its a good idea, if mark found out, you know what he'd do to him" I say just a few moments before Jake walks back in. "Here you go" he lays down the pillow and quilt. "Thankyou Jake, I'm going to go to bed now. goodnight everyone" I say smiling and pulling the duvet over my head. I have a hard time getting asleep because of all the thoughts running around in my head, why can't he just leave us alone? Just at that moment I realize i did something, so unspeakable, so outrageous. He's not after Zara, he's after me.

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