Daily Story Challenge-Month 9-Space Stories

Ninth instalment in my Story Challenge. Some bad news in the intro...


7. Day 6

(And, last of all, a story preview of the idea.)


The wreckage steamed, releasing tendrils of black smoke that clambered higher and higher through the still Autumn air. Metal plates were thrown astray, shredded like paper atop the auburn leaves. Savannah bit her lip - something wasn't right. This wasn't any regular 'death by plane crash' scenario and that fact made her a magnet for the uneasiness polluting the atmosphere. A flash of movement amongst the dark cloud of gas grabbed her attention - had the wreck just moved?

An animal? No, too close to civilization. A survivor? she wondered. But nothing on Earth could survive that. Unless, she gulped, unable to stop her mind proposing the possibility, unless it wasn't from Earth.

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