Hi I'm Yasmin Malik. Yes,THE Zayn Malik's and Perrie Edwards' daughter. I love my family but it sometimes got annoying being a famous couple's daughter. People treat you differently. Plus the boys can be a real pain sometimes but I love them. Yes it's a dream come true being adopted by Zayn and Perrie but it's not so much fun all the time.


14. Who did it?!

Yasmin's P.O.V

People were tweeting me saying they think uncle Lou or Haz had done it cuz u know their the jokers of the group. No one suspected uncle Liam cuz he's "daddy directioner." But some people thought it was daddy or uncle nialler. I couldn't wait to see the boys reactions when they wake up!! I heard footsteps so I whispered "uncle Li,daddy,we should pretend to sleep so they don't know it's us!" "Ok" they both said in unison and quickly lay down on the couch pretending to sleep. 

Louis' P.O.V

I walked down stairs to find Liam,Zayn and Yasmin fast asleep. I burst out laughing when I saw their faces!! They were covered in make up! They looked like clowns!! All 3 of them sat up and rubbed their eyes."What's so funny uncle Lou? I was trying to sleep!" Yasmin asked seeming a little annoyed. But all of a sudden she started laughing! "Sorry princess. But u guys look like clowns and why you laughing all of a sudden?" I said in between laughs. "Oh yeah. I forgot to wash it off!When I woke up a few hours ago I had make up all over my face and don't know who did it and when I find Out who did this they are dead! And I'm laughing cuz you have make up all over your face aswell!"

"What?!" I yelled running to the mirror in the hallway."WHO DID THIS?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs."It has to be Harry or Niall cuz their the only ones not here" Liam said. 



im sooooooooooo sorry I haven't updated for ages i've been really busy and i'm sorry that this chapter is short. I will try and update tomorrow. But what to u think of the story so far?

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