Hi I'm Yasmin Malik. Yes,THE Zayn Malik's and Perrie Edwards' daughter. I love my family but it sometimes got annoying being a famous couple's daughter. People treat you differently. Plus the boys can be a real pain sometimes but I love them. Yes it's a dream come true being adopted by Zayn and Perrie but it's not so much fun all the time.


6. The morning and The Secret talking

Alex's Pov


I woke up to see the sun beaming throw the blinds and strong arms wrapped around me. I look to see who's arms are around me to find that they are Liam's. I guess we fell asleep on the floor after Liam sang me to sleep. I slowly tryed to pry my body free of Liam's tight grip so i wouldn't wake him.I eventually manage to get free of his grip and walk out of the room and down stairs to the kitchen.


"morning Harry" I said

"morning Alex would you like some breckfast" He asked

"Yes please" I replied.



He fliped some pancakes then he set them on a plate and put syrup over them making my mouth water. He placed them in front of me.


" bon appetit" He said and then sat down and started eating his pancakes.


I finished eating and they were yummy.


"They were the best panckaces ever" I told him andhe stated to laugh.


I went back up to the Niall's room because i didin't kno where mine was yet.


When i got up there Niall was just comming out of the door and offerd me some clothes to were and sujjested i take a shower.


I went in to the bathroom that was attached to Niall's room and took a shower and wshed my hair with one of his many shampoo's. When i finishe i came out  and dryed myself and put on the clothes that Niall gave me on. They were a bit big but who cares cause i don't.


I make my way down stairs but stop in my tracks to here my name being mentiond so i sat down on the stair and dedided to listen in on ther convosation.


"Alex had a nightmare last night" Liam siad

"What how did i not hear her scream then" Niall almost screamed

"I don't know but i did but she wouldn't tell me about it" Liam said

"Try asking her what it is about now" Harry sujjested

"good idear i'll go get her" Niall said


I ran up the stair and in to Niall's room as fast as my legs would take me.


*knock knock*


Niall came in


"would you please coome down stairs" He asked me.


Zayn's Pov


My poor baby girl has nightmares and i didn't know about that. At least Liam told us she had one last night. My thoughts were intruoed as Alex walked into the room


"so i told the boys you had a nightmare last night" Liam started

"and we were wondering if you would tell us about it" I finished off


She nodded  and went and sat in the middle of the floor.


" It was about Harry, Niall and me.....we were playing in the garden when a wolf jumped over the fence and bared it's sharp white teeth and then it started cahsing us. We were running but Harry stiopped to catch his breth when the wolf snapped him in half and started eating him only leaving the remains of his bones. Niall and I were still running when the street light flickerd and then they finally gave up and the town went black so i couldn't see anything. Niall screamed like a girl but stopped. That's when i heard more bones snapping. And i was left to face the wolf alone and i was a frightend" Alex said as tears escaped her eyes.


"it's okay baaby girl it was just a dream" i said and went over and pulled her into a hug.

When she finnaly calmed down. Her crying was swapped with soft snores that escaped her mouth.


I walked up stairs and laid her on my bed and pulled the cover over leaving her head free so she could breath. I kissed her head and then walked back down the stairs back to the rest of the boys.





Hope you enjoy. comment what you thought of this chapter or have any questions then tweet me  @EmmaLambLamb or if you have any idears of what should happen next.

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