Hi I'm Yasmin Malik. Yes,THE Zayn Malik's and Perrie Edwards' daughter. I love my family but it sometimes got annoying being a famous couple's daughter. People treat you differently. Plus the boys can be a real pain sometimes but I love them. Yes it's a dream come true being adopted by Zayn and Perrie but it's not so much fun all the time.


19. Telling Yamsin and Playing truth or dare

  Perrie's P.O.V   

I don't know how I'm gonna tell Yasmin. I guess I just have to wing it. "Yasmin,sweetheart?" I called her over. "Yes mummy?" She asked. Oh my god I'm gonna miss her sooo much! "Can I talk to you in the kitchen?" She nodded. I told Zayn and he came aswell. "So what to you want to tell me? Am I in trouble?" She asked nervously. "No of course your not in trouble!" Zayn said.    "Then what is it?" She asked. "It's just that ummm.....the girls and I are going on tour." I said. She looked upset and asked "when?" "In 4 days" I answered. "I'm gonna miss you." She said hugging me."And the girls." She added. "I'm gonna miss you too,but I'll text and Skype you everyday!" I explained kissing the top of her head. "Promise?" "I promise" I smiled.   

 Yasmin's P.O.V   I didn't want mom and the girls going on tour but she had to. Atleast I still had aunt eleanor and the boys.    

(An hour later)   

"Let's play truth or dare!" Uncle Lou yelled. Everyone nodded and got in to a circle. "Truth or dare Zayn?" Uncle Lou said with an evil smirk. "Umm....dare!" "Ok. I dare you to kiss Yasmin. On the lips." "I swear to god Malik if you touch me I will break your arms of" I said to dad. Everyone else just laughed. "No worries Yasmin.  Lou I'm not gonna do that,she's my daughter"he said. "Ok fine. Then I dare you to tweet that your leaving the band." Uncle Louis dared. "Ok" daddy said getting his phone out and tweeting."uncle liam truth or dare?" I asked. "Truth." He said and everyone groaned. "What's the meanest thing you've ever done?" I asked. "Once when someone sneezed I didn't say bless you." "Seriously,is that it?" He nodded. "That's not true! How 'bout that time you straightened Harry's hair? And that time you,zayn and yasmin made us all look like clowns? And that time...." Uncle nialler said. "Ok we get it! Uncle liam is mean!" I said.    

Louis' P.O.V   

"Truth or dare uncle Niall?" Yasmin asked. "DARE!"He yelled. "I dare you to......give me all your chocolate bars!" Yasmin said with a smirk. "Do I have to?!" Niall moaned. We all nodded. He handed some chocolate bars to Yasmin and Yasmin said "ALL of them!" "Ok fine!" He said giving her ALL his chocolate bars and there were ALOT! Well that's nialler for you. "Uncle Harry's turn! Truth or dare?" Yasmin asked stuffing her face with chocolate. "Dare." "Ok I dare you to shave all your hair off." Yasmin smirked knowing he would never do it.    "I am NEVER doing that! Can't I forfeit?" Harry moaned. "Are you sure you wanna forfeit?" Yasmin asked. Harry nodded not really know what he had to do if he forfeited. "Ok then. If you forfeit,you have to be my slave for a week" Yasmin said. "Fine!" Harry groaned. "It's better then shaving my hair" he added     

 Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in so long! So I tried to make this chapter long. Anyway I guess you guys have heard that Zerrie r getting married! I'm really happy for them. And also liam has a girlfriend :/ I don't hate her. I miss payzer. :/ and I think Sophia is cheating on Liam. U can look at the pic I posted of her with another guy on Instagram. @litle_direction_1   love u guys xx

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