Hi I'm Yasmin Malik. Yes,THE Zayn Malik's and Perrie Edwards' daughter. I love my family but it sometimes got annoying being a famous couple's daughter. People treat you differently. Plus the boys can be a real pain sometimes but I love them. Yes it's a dream come true being adopted by Zayn and Perrie but it's not so much fun all the time.


8. New Things for Yasmin and getting addicted to HOA

Niall's P.O.V

"Yasmin?What's your favorite colour?"I yelled."Sky-blue!Why?!" "No reason just wanted to know" "OK." Luckily Yasmin was in the kitchen with Harry so me and Liam told everyone well except Harry and Yasmin we were going to the mall and told them Louis would explain why.When we got there we went to the technology store first.We got Yasmin an apple computer,and apple laptop,and apple iPad and a tablet.When we payed for them.We went to the furniture store and got her a REALLY comfy bed,a one direction bed sheet,while leather couches.When we payed for that we got sky-blue paint and we thought we would leave the clothes to the girls.We ALSO had a walk in closet in one of the spare room so she could have that one AND she hasn't seen that room yet.

Yasmin's P.O.V

After Lunch i realized that Uncle Liam and Niall weren't there.I asked aunt jade and she just said they had some work to do.They were still not back at 6:00 pm.YAY!My favorite show house of anubis is now on(even though i had already watched that episode cuz it was sunday and they only show replays on the weekend).I snatched the remote out of uncle harry's hand and changed to Nickelodeon."Hey!I was watching that" "Too bad"Harry huffed but let me watch.After like 2 minutes everyone was REALLY interested!Their eyes were glued to the screen.Well so were mine even if i've watched it.We heard the front door open and close but our eyes were still glued to the screen.

Liam's P.O.V

When we FINALLY got home everyone's eyes were glued to the screen so me and niall rushed up stairs and threw everything on the floor of her room.We went back downstairs."Hello to you too"I said to the others."SHUSH!"They all said.Wow!They really love this show.When it ended they all moaned!"It's not fair!Why do they have to leave it on a cliffhanger!We have to wait for so long  to find out what happens to Alfie (A guy in house of anubis btw house of anubis IS a real show,just saying if you guys didn't know)"Louis whined."Don't worry uncle louis i think you will survive until tomorrow 6:00pm!"Yasmin said.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter!Comment or tweet me @Directionlouis4 to tell me what you think of it!Btw I will probably not be able to update tomorrow so hopefully Emma loves you or Sophie!! (my co-authors) will update tomorrow.Plzz fave,like or comment if you haven't so already xx -Directioner


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