Hi I'm Yasmin Malik. Yes,THE Zayn Malik's and Perrie Edwards' daughter. I love my family but it sometimes got annoying being a famous couple's daughter. People treat you differently. Plus the boys can be a real pain sometimes but I love them. Yes it's a dream come true being adopted by Zayn and Perrie but it's not so much fun all the time.


29. Cheering up Yasmin

Louis' P.O.V

It's been a week since Yasmin isn't talking to Zayn. It all my fault. I feel so bad. I tried convincing Yasmim to forgive Zayn but she said she won't until Zayn apologises to me,which won't EVER happen. I know I was still at fault so I decided to cheer her up. "Yasmin? I need to talk to you!" I yelled up the stairs. "What?" She yelled back. "Come downstairs & I'll tell you!" I yelled "Coming!" She said running down the stairs. "I was thinking if you wanted to go out somewhere?" I asked "yes! Of course I wanna go out! I'm gonna go get ready" She said "But your already ready!" I said "No I'm not! Look at me I don't even have make up on!" She protested "You don't need it!" I said pulling her out the door and and making her sit in the car. "Ughhh! I hate you uncle lou!"She whined "Haha I love you too!" I laughed "Haha!" She said sarcastically. I pulled in to the parking lot in front the front of the shopping centre. As soon as we walked in we were mobbed by fans. Oh god we forgot our disguises. "Sorry guys I can't sign anything today! It's my day out with Yasmin and Yasmin only! Sorry guys I love you so much" I explained making my way trough the mob of girls with Yasmin behind me.But that didn't stop the fans.

*3 hours later*

"Yasminnnnnnnn!"I whined "Whattt?" She said mimicking me. "Are you done yettt?" I asked "For the 10th million time no!" She laughed "hurry up!!" I said like a little kid "ok ok!" She said. "Okay I'm doneeee!" She said "Yayyyy!" I cheered "Butttttt!!!!!" She said smirking "But Whattt?!" I whined "I'm hungry!" She said "Me too! Come let's go!!" I said taking the bags from her. There was so much bags I couldn't hold them by myself. I had like 15 bags in my hands and Yasmin had like 4 or 5! I will never get girls and their shopping obsession! Oh well. We got into the car and drove to nandos. "Yayy!" She cheered. I while I just laughed at how excited she was. After we finished eating we ran outside and jumped into the car. "You eat more then Niall!" I stated laughing. "Haha oh well!" She laughed. "Anyway I hope you had fun!" I asked "Yeah I had loads of fun! Thank you so much uncle louis. I love you sooooooooooooooooooooo much!" She said stretching the so sooooooooooooooooo much! "I love you moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yasmin!" I said. "No you don't I love you more!" She laughed. We fighted about if I love Yasmin more or if she loves me more. "Ok ok fine! You love me more!" She said giving in!

I am sooooooooooo sorry I haven't updated in like forever! And I know this is short but I'm really busy lately! I'm writing this like almost 2 in the morning (past midnight) cuz I don't get time in the day to write. But I hope u enjoyed this chapter fave/like/fan/and anything else you can do on here I love you all so much💋


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