Hi I'm Yasmin Malik. Yes,THE Zayn Malik's and Perrie Edwards' daughter. I love my family but it sometimes got annoying being a famous couple's daughter. People treat you differently. Plus the boys can be a real pain sometimes but I love them. Yes it's a dream come true being adopted by Zayn and Perrie but it's not so much fun all the time.


25. Champion

Zayn's Pov 


Loving you is Easy but no one mentioned how hard it is to be apart from the one you love. 

I miss Perrie a lot. 

I'm trying to stay strong and not cry for Yasmin because I know she misses Perrie too

I'm going to try and make Yasmin have a lot of fun starting from now. 


"Boys and Yasmin do you guys want to go bowling " I asked 

"yes yes yes" Yasmin kept chanting. 

"as long as we can get nandos after" Niall said 

"the loser pays" Liam said. 


we all rushed around the house putting our shoes and jumpers on.


"leggo" harry yelled. 


we all ran out the house apart from Liam because he was locking the door. 

Louis was driving with Harry next to him. 

Liam and Niall were sitting in the middle and Yasmin and I were sitting in the back. 

Louis started driving. 

Hey brother by avicii came on and Yasmin started belting out the lyrics causing everyone to laugh.


"were here" Louis screeched 

"yay" Yasmin said. 


we all got out the car and started to walk to the entrance of the bowling place.

we got in and walked up to the counter. 


"Hello how may i help you" a lady asked 

"6 for bowling please" i asked 

"okay just hand over your shoes and we will hand you a bowling pair"


we all handed over our shoe and then put on the bowling par. 

I took Yamin's hand so she wouldn't get lost. 

We walked to the end lane so that not many fans came and interrupted us. 

I typed in cool nicknames for us 


Harry - Curls 

Liam - Buzz

Louis - Sassy 

Niall - eats a lot

Yamin - Little Malik 

Zayn - Mirrior. 


Harry was first to go. 

He managed to knock 1 pin down 

Liam went next and knocked down 4 pins. 

Louis and Niall managed to knock down 8 pins 

Yamin went next and knocked down all the pin. 

It was  my go and i got a gutter ball. 

The game continued for the next 2 hours. 

Yamin won because she kept knocking all the pins down and Harry lost because he barley managed to knock more than 5 down at a time. 

We handed back our shoes in return for our normal shoes back. 

we all walked back to the car and sat in the same seats. 

We then made our way to nandos because we can't let our little Nialler starve.

Niall ordered for everyone. 

we all eat our and Niall eat any thing we left. 

Once we all had agreed we were finished we sdecided to go home. 




Hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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