The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

It's time. They are here.


10. ---We

We don't care who you are. We'll come for you. She, on the skeletal horse. He, on the white horse. Me, on the red horse. He, on the sickly horse. They talk to me as we, now. We are together, united in cause. United in our message to all mortals. We shall come for you, dead or alive, we shall come. We shall see you. We shall come for you.

War sighed. Death and Conquest were so... rigid. They never had any fun. This time she grinned. They probably didn't even know the meaning of fun. But her? She was made of it. Fun, blood, guts and gore. That was her type of thing. That was what she loved most. Her horse sank in the sky, before its hooves started clopping on the tarmac, leaving flaming hoof prints behind. They disappeared after a while, fading away into the night. Winking out like the many souls Death collected.


She came across the ruins of a house. Its rotten roof had fallen in years ago, its overgrown garden hide many secrets. Some good, some bad. The thick, heavy scent of death rose from it in a cloud. War narrowed her eyes, something deep within her calling out to herself. She pushed the feeling down hastily, not wanting the cold foreboding sinking to take over her mind. At least, not at the moment.

"'S'cuse me miss." A small voice called up at her.

War looked down, tilting her head slightly. A small child- couldn't be more than around 5? -stood watching her horse with that odd curiosity all toddlers and such had. War hated children. If they couldn't fight, what use were they to her? A scowl replaced the thoughtful look on her face.

"Is your horse OK?" The boy continued, sounding almost feminine with his age. War narrowed her eyes.

"My horse is fine, thank you very much." She said, dismissing the mortal with annoyance. If only he were to go away...

The boy looked up at the old house, his eyes wide with fear. "My mum tells me not to go in there. Sh-she says it's a bad place."

War couldn't resist ruffling the boy's head in reassurance, patting his shoulder. "It's a dangerous place." She concluded, following the boy's gaze to the gargoyle hanging from the roof. Right above them. It looked precarious. It looked oh, so precarious. As if only a raindrop would cause the whole thing to... drop...

And drop it did.

War heard it before it actually fell. A cluster of dust fell from above, raining down on the pair. War glanced up, her horse giving a shrill whinny. Without thinking, the horseman scooped the boy into her arms, and placed him on her horse. The flame parted to make a comfortable seat for the human. The horse shot out of the way of the falling piece of masonry, missing it by inches. A distinct lump of stone had impaled itself in the ground where the mortal had been standing only seconds before.

War looked up, smiling with relief, before she saw the mother. The woman had stood there with her hands to her mouth, watching the whole incident. She hurried over, checking the boy all over.

“Ilbert! Are you OK? Is my baby safe?” The worried mother looked up at War, eyes fearful for a few moments before the fear turned to gratitude.

“Mum... She saved me.” The boy, Ilbert, War presumed, was pointing to her. Suddenly, the horseman didn't know what to say or do.

“I-I-I-” She stuttered, stunned that humans were thanking her. This was new. War wasn't thanked. If she had a job description, this wouldn't be what it said. You didn't thank the spirit of war. You just didn't.

The mortal mother was blabbering on with her thank you's. Honestly. One was enough. Strangely, she hadn't asked for War's name yet.

War hated tea. And coffee. And all of the stuff that went with it. She knew Death had a fondness for human coffee, she always said it kept her awake.

So the spirit just sat there, accepting the thanks of the family, holding her cup, searching for a suitable place to dispose of the vile liquid. In fact, just a way of getting out would be useful at the moment. Sadly, War didn't see one of those, either. She supposed she would just have to sit here and wait.

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