The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

It's time. They are here.


7. ---We

We. We. I am one of them now, or so they tell me. A horse appeared to me in the night, a bright white stallion. It nuzzled me, arousing me from my sleep. Then he came. The one people say is most important. Death. He tells me that he won't be around for much longer, but explained who he was, who we all are.

What joy it is not to be human.

~Someone, 14th July 1832


The horse neighed with annoyance. "Could we, possibly, stop soon? My hooves are beginning to hurt."

Conquest sighed. "If you insist..." He muttered, allowing the white horse to slow, before stopping completely. He looked around, slightly curious, surveying their surroundings. The small hill they stood on gave way to dense woodland to their left. No path was beneath their feet, just grass sparkling from dew and sunlight. To the left were fields, the occasional one filled with some sort of domesticated animal, such as cows or sheep. It was quiet out here, nothing like the town Conquest lived in. His horse appreciated the change of scenery, too. He preferred soft mud to the hard concrete of the modern-day pavement. His white mane rippled in a slight breeze as he ate the grass at his feet, drifting closer to the trees. His rider dismounted, and began walking forwards, towards a small trickle of water that eventually grew into a river. Conquest knelt, letting the water run over his hand, finding new ways to reach its destination- the bottom of the hill. Water always fascinated him. Such an uncomplicated thing that simply moved where it was guided to. If you put something in the way, it would always find a way of getting over or around. Always. He glanced behind him, looking over the white horse, before standing, and continuing.

"And where are you going?" His horse called after him, its voice coming out similar to a shrill whinny.

Conquest waved a hand in the general direction of the voice. "Don't you worry about me. I'll be back... soon." He called, without looking back.


Day had passed and night was falling once again when Conquest finally stopped. The hills, fields and forests had all gradually straightened out, disappearing into the ground. He was left in what could be described as some sort of grassy wasteland. Plains extended as far as the eye could see in all directions but back. A clear blue river meandered over the middle, as if separating one land from another. As Conquest neared it, he knelt once again. Beneath the crystal surface, fish of all sizes lived, swam and died. Their shining scales reflected the moonlight beautifully, sending stray rays darting off in all directions. A small rocky overhang on the opposite side was adorned with shimmering, moving images as light bounced away from the moving depths, creating a spiderweb of glowing shapes. Conquest watched it with curiosity, before touching the surface lightly with his finger, sending ripples moving softly across it. The river changed from something bursting with life, to a deserted stretch of water, gurgling as it passed the slightly shallower areas riddled with rocks. Something on the bank opposite caught his eye, and Conquest stood, tilting his head to one side.

"Hello." He growled, unsheathing a sword from who-knows-where.

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