Why you?

Darcy is normal.
Well she thinks she is.
What happens when she finds out who her real brother is and his friends?


4. Chap.3

Darcy's POV

"Hi i'm Darcy this is Cassy and Issy and we will be your dancing teachers for well i don't know how long" i replied "well hello Darcy i'm Harry nice to meet you" Harry said while extending his hand "nice to meet you Harry" I responded "Hi love i'm Liam Nice to meet you also" Liam replied hmm responsible one i guess "Hiya there love i'm Louis the tommo tomlinson nice to meet you" Louis replied " Hay the names is Zayn nice to finally see you" Zayn Said " and the best for last i'm Niall love nice to meet you and you look a lot like Harry don't ya?" Niall simply said " what's your full name Darcy?" Liam asked  "oh it's Darcy Ann-Lee Styles" I said normally "where we're you born?" they asked "um Gosford Hospital  >.< 


                                     A/N sorry i haven't uploaded in like forever! i have been really busy and this is just a filler chapter okay! nothing to worry about oh and erin has been changed to Issy or Isabel so watch out for that

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