Why you?

Darcy is normal.
Well she thinks she is.
What happens when she finds out who her real brother is and his friends?


3. Chap.2

Darcy's P.O.V

" Darcy! come with me please!" Mrs R said oh no i'm in trouble now " okay Darcy the reason i brought you here is you are our best dancer here so you are gonna teach some boys to dance you might know they are One Direction and you can bring two people with you who do you choose?" Mrs R said "um i choose Erin and Cassy" i said i know i dont like One Direction but i got to at least get to know them better i know when she said One Direction i was like no way! im doing it but i will do it cause im with Erin and Cassy nothing can go wrong or thats what i thought.

Harry's P.O.V

 Today me and the boys are going for dancing lessons im really exicted? is that wrong? well back to whats happening today paul said that two girls are gonna teach us and the other is video taping us i dont even know why but all well.

Darcy's P.O.V

* When the boys arrive*

" Darcy these are the boys okay now darcy go get the other two alright?" Mrs R said " yes Mrs " i said and went to go get Cassy and Erin " Hay Guuurls you are helping me teach some boys how to dance now let's go!" i said and legit dragged them out the door " who are we teaching?" Cassy asked " One Direction " i replyed normaly " WHAT?!? NO WAY" Erin and Cassy screamed at the same time " um yeah but i dont want to be deaf you know " i said " why aren't you freaking out?" Erin said weirdly " because i'm not a fan " i replyed " HOW ARE YOU NOT A FAN!" they screamed again.. thaey are gonna be bitch slapped so hard " yet again dont want to be deaf and i just dont like them sorry?" i said                  

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