The Story of Chocolate

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  • Published: 15 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 16 Jun 2013
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It's the world's most popular treat, but where does chocolate come from? And why is it so Delicious?Discover the bean behind each bar and follow it's journey from the American rainforest to factories everywhere.


4. Tasty Inventions


     By the 20th century, people had learned how to make milk chocolate smoother, creamier and even more tasty. We still use the same method today.

For years eating-chocolate was only made in solid mars. But Milton Hershey, an American chocolate maker, thought bars were boring.

In 1907,  he tried squirting glossy chocolate into little peaks. When the peaks hardened, he wrapped each one in foil to make them look more exciting. It wasn't long before factories were making chocolate in all shapes and sizes.

This how the chocolate was made :

First,  the chocolate mixture is put through heavy rollers, to squeeze out the every lump. 

Then an enormous vat is used to blend the mixture into a smooth, velvety paste.

The chocolate is cooled and warmed and cooled and warmed until it has a glossy shine. 

Finally, it is poured into different sizes and shapes trays to set.

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