From letter to love

It's about a girl who likes music and writing critics about them on the Musicmix forum. She starts to correspond with a boy, who changes her life. However both of them have a little secret that they won't want tell each other, but one day everything turns out, and someone will be disappointed, someone will be angry, and maybe never can forgive.


1. Prologue


It’s Saturday afternoon, and I got a message from Musiclover, he writes to me:

„I really like your music taste, but I don’t agree with you, I think pop music isn’t very gushy, which makes you too sensitive. If you listen just one, you will understand what I’m talking about.

Lots of love:


Ohh come on! I’m the only person who thinks this, ok I love rock, but I’ve never loved pop music, because I can hear it every single day. And why? Because my brother plays in a a pop band…I have to write back now.

„Dear Musiclover,

I’ve heard pop songs in my life. Moreover, I have to listen almost everyday, but this is a long story. But ok, I would like to ask you to recommend just one band to me who plays pop music, and you think they are very good, and we will see, what I can say about them.



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