Summer Love (One Direction FanFic)

Danaka is your normal 14 yr old girl, She goes to school has good grades and lots of friends but with the summer comming is everything going to change ??


2. Worrie's

Skylers P.O.V

I sit at home in my room studying and thinking how Danaka is doing??, She needs more help then the rest of us since she is dislexic and all, So I will do what any other best friend does.. climb out my window and go over to her house. I hear her Step-Dad shouting so I run over to her window, and climb up the vines to her window and knock on it, there was tears in her eyes when she opened it i told her to follow me, The to of us jumped on our bikes and cycled off...

Danakas P.O.V

I climped down the vines and got my bike and followed Skyler, After about 10 minutes of cycling she took me to a little park that I have never seen before it is hidden, There is a small waterfall with little blue L.E.D lights going up the hill to the top of it, a bench and some tree's and flowers, we parked our bikes up and sat down near the waterfall it was nice and peaceful, Skyler went over to our bikes to get her bag, She was gone for a bit so I decided to walk around, then i heard a noise it sounded like a person I thought it was Skyler so I walked back over to the waterfall while she walked over to me, as she got closed i realized it wasnt her!! it was a boy he was tall and seemed strong he had his hood up and head down he walked straight over to me and sat down beside me, Since i am a friendly person I said "hey", he said"hello" His Voice sounded so familier Then he pulled down his hood and looked straight up at me with a half smile, I was in shock!!!......

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