Summer Love (One Direction FanFic)

Danaka is your normal 14 yr old girl, She goes to school has good grades and lots of friends but with the summer comming is everything going to change ??


15. Somethings Wrong

Skylers P.O.V 

We spent the whole day at the park, and now the sky was going dusk so we decide to go some were to eat,"HOW BOUT SUPERMACS" Danaka shouted with glee, "yeah that sounds good", We get up and Niall helps Danaka to stand up and helps her walk, he stays behind keeping at the same paste as Danaka. We were crossing the road and it was kinda busy so Niall bent down and put Danaka on his back and ran across the road with her and didn't put her down until we got to supermacs, we went in and ordered our food and took our seats, supermacs is the best place ever there food is ssoo good, after our food we all went back to the boys apartment once me and Danaka got some spare clothes and some night clothes and asked our mothers of course, danaka was starting to get tired of limping around so Niall gave her a piggy back and Zayn carried her crutches, it was only a 15 minute walk and we got to there house. Liam came to the door and helped Danaka get inside and helped her get to the sofa to sit down while  Niall brought her stuff upstairs and then he came down to bring her up and get changed. 

Liams P.O.V 

i am so happy for Niall he has finally found someone to love and someone who really loves him back, and Zayn I have never seen him smile so much and he has actually gone one day without looking at himself in a mirror or window or anything that shows his reflection but I am so happy and proud for them. 

Nialls P.O.V 

I help danaka get her stuff to get changed but there is something wrong with her so i decide to ask her,"hey babe whats up?" she looked up at me and paused looking into my eyes her turquise eyes gone so dark,"Its my mum, there is something wrong with her and I think it must have something to do with my stepfather" her mom and dad split up when she was only young,"why do you think there is some thing wrong with her?" I asked her,"well c'mon who wears a long sleave top when its 33 degrees outside she is hiding some thing" "well dont worry about it now she has you stepdad to look after her" I said trying to cheer her up,"well see thats the problem he can be abusive sometimes and he has fit me and my mother before, but saying that my mom is always cold so maybe its nothing" she says to me taking off her batman snapback and changing into her night wear or what she calls them jammies,we go down stairs and meet everyone in the sitting room and decide to play truth or dare. Harry: hhmm I'm gonna choose Niall truth or dare. Me : hmmm DARE, I am a bit of a dare devil... Harry : ooohhh ok, I dare you to make out with Danaka right now for one minute straight. I look at Danaka and say, "FINE I'LL DO IT!!" I pull danaka on top of me and kiss her passionately and she didn't hold back, Or minute was up and they all just looked at us it was so funny, so now it was my turn hhmm who will I choose how bout you Liam, truth or dare.. Liam : eh dare.. Me: ok I dare you to go and eat cereal with a spoon Liam : oh jesus why are you so mean Niall : ooorrrr you could tell us who you like?/ Liam : ok ok i will use a spoon we all laugh at him trying to do it he manages to eat two mouth fulls before he runs. We play for ages until I see danaka's eyes dropping," well everyone were off to bed before this one falls asleep" I say to the pointing at Danaka, I lift her up bridel style "here let me help you i'm on my way to bed Liam said grabbing her crutches, we walk upsatirs and I put Danaka on the bed "you can leave them there at the bottom of the bed, thanks man" I said to him as he left the crutches at the bottom of the bed "any time man" he says to me walking out of the room. I take off my top and put on a pair of shorts and climb into bed beside Danaka we snuggle up together and she rests her head on my chest and we fall asleep that way.

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