Summer Love (One Direction FanFic)

Danaka is your normal 14 yr old girl, She goes to school has good grades and lots of friends but with the summer comming is everything going to change ??


21. New Hair

Nialls P.O.V

We got to the hospital and we were waiting an hour before the girls were seen i was falling asleep on Zayns shoulder and we was just on twitter...

Skylers P.O.V

"Come on Danaka time to get these things off" i say to her with a big grin on my face,"Lets go what are we waiting for" she says back to me going as fast as she can on her crutches, We got in and the nurse smiled and said,"welcome back, nice to see those faces again" she sat us down and we held a small talk when she had mine off and Danakas half way off she started talking about the accident,"well all you gashes and cuts seemed to have heeled well Danaka, only left with a few scares" Danaka just smiled and looked down to the arm rests and seen her face only to look at the scares on her face he smile soon faded she looked back up at the nurse and but on a half fake smile,"well then thats that done no more of them ye can finally enjoy your summer" Danaka put on her sock and shoe, said "thanks" and then left the room with me, Niall ran over to her and picked her up and spun her round then looked at her to see her face,"whats up" he asked her looking worried, she just shook her head I nudged Niall and name a face and pointed at my own face rubbing my finger on my face, he got what i was trying to tell him and looked at her getting his hand and lifting up her chin and he started kissing every scare on her face she smiled and a tear escaped her eye,"dont worry about them,they dont change the way i feel about you and you still look beautiful to me" he said to her giving her a hug, I looked at Zayn and he gave me a huge hug,"I bet your glad thats off your hand", Zayn said to me I nodded"oohhh i cant put in words how happy i am" I said to him with a big smile on my face,"well lets go get your hair done" Danaka said with a smile on her face, somehow Niall was always able to cheer her up, we leave the hospital me and Zayn hand-in-hand and Niall had his arm around Danakas waist and she did the same back to him with her head resting on Nialls shoulder as we walked to the hair dressers

Zayns P.O.V

We get to the hair dressers and Skyler and Danaka run in Danaka pulling Niall after her, We all get in and I tell the receptionist about the appointment and she tells the girls to take a seat I just see danaka run and jump down with Skyler following her they tell the hair dresser what they want, Skyler wants pink highlights and a bit of pink in her side parten and Danaka wants Blue highlights and blue in her fringe after two hours of pure bordom and listening to the two girls squilling they were finally done i must say they looked good, Skyler with her pin-straight her and Danaka with her wavy hair which was now straighted, I looked over at Niall and seen him staring at Danaka talk about starry eyes, he gives me his half of the money and i go up and pay. We meet up outside and walk home me and Skyler hand-in-hand and Niall with his arm around Danakas waist as she does the same back we walk home, It was a really good day.

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