Summer Love (One Direction FanFic)

Danaka is your normal 14 yr old girl, She goes to school has good grades and lots of friends but with the summer comming is everything going to change ??


22. Home Sweet Home

Nialls P.O.V

on our walk back home we stopped off at Danakas and Skylers house since they are neighbours it was time for them to return home to there familys again, I will miss them I will miss Danaka's warm body agaisnt mine and not seeing her beautiful face in the morning when i wake up but i will be able to see her so it wasnt to bad. We go into Skylers house we say hello to her parents and go up to her room, Skylers father Christy seemed to like zayn and he seemed to be quiet fond of me to so that was good, Skylers Mother Grace seemed to like us to which is good, when we get into the hallway of upstairs Chrisie comes out to see us, Chrisie is Skylers older sister she is 21 Skyler also had a younger brother Cillian he was 11, we stop and hold a small talk with Chrisie and go into Skylers room, me and Danaka wait there around twenty minutes and then climb over Skyler's balconey hop into the tree walk over the branch and hop over Danaka's balconey into her room, it was just me and Danaka we just sit on her bed and talk as she stroked her new hair she loved it and was so happy and that made me happy to, during our converstaion I got a text and it was from greg saying his whife had just gone into labour to be honest i forgot she was pregnant,"woah well thats a bit of news" I say,"what what is" Danaka says looking into my phone,"wwooaahhh that is some news, so are you going to fly over to them??" she asked,"I dont know I want to spend my summer with you" i say to her looking down,"well summer is nearly over and i'm going to get new stuff for school for next year tomorrw" she says to me trying to look happy,"you are" I looked at her into her big turquise eyes,"yeah I am and how about you come with me and my mom she would love for you to come" she says to me forming a smile on my face," yeh I would love to" i say to her,"right well we will be leaving early so u can sleep over here" she says to me i just smile back. That night me Danaka and her mum Stacey can a big movie night in her sitting room with loads of junk food it was really fun the last movie we watched was Finding Nemo mine and Danaka's favorite movie after that we fall asleep.

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