Summer Love (One Direction FanFic)

Danaka is your normal 14 yr old girl, She goes to school has good grades and lots of friends but with the summer comming is everything going to change ??


12. Good News

Danakas P.O.V

Its been a week since the crash and me and Skyler are getting very bored all we wanted to do was go home, A nurse came and and told us some news,"I have good news for the both of ye" she said "the both of  ye can go home tomorrow" she added, I look at Skyler a big smile on both our faces, she got out of her bed and gave me a huge hug, since I cant really walk "first thing is first we need to get your mothers to come and a sign a few things, and Danaka we need to do a few more X-rays on your head and change your bandage, and hopefully if everything goes well you wont need another one" the nurse said wheeling in a wheelchair, I hop over to the wheelchair and hold my crutches,"good luck" Skyler says to me I just smile and leave the room.

Skylers P.O.V

Danaka left for a few more scans, not long after Zayn and Niall came in and brought the rest of the boys, It is our first time meeting them, they all seemed so sweet and really nice, about an hour later Danaka gets wheeled in not to happy, Niall helped her onto her bed and sat down beside her and he gave her a big hug and tears came out both there eyes, at this stage we were all looking at them when Niall told us,"she has a cracked skull its not very bad the surgery they did last week wasn't enough, she needs to go in again in the next hour, and she will be aloud out two days but she has to keep the bandage on for two weeks" we all looked at each other in shock I jumped out of my bed and gave her a huge hug we cried on each others shoulder,"at least its only one day extra" i said to her," i know but i'm just afraid of the operation" she said," dont worry it will be ok" I said to her, a doctor came in, Niall gave her a huge hug and a big kiss and helped her get into the wheelchair,"see you on the other side" Niall said winking at her she smiled and was wheeled out of the room, the lte now is 9 p.m so we don't know what time she will be back at, Harry louis and Liam had to leave because visiting times are over," see you tomorrow" Liam said, the other boys just nodded and left. Now it was just zayn Niall and myself now waiting for danaka 

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