Summer Love (One Direction FanFic)

Danaka is your normal 14 yr old girl, She goes to school has good grades and lots of friends but with the summer comming is everything going to change ??


9. Good Day Gone Bad

Zayns P.O.V

when me and Niall went back the lads were smirking at us asking us questions like,"Sssooo where were ye??"and "did ye have fun??"Niall just smirks and the both of us walk up the stairs and go into your rooms to change our clothes, I walk down the stairs to see to bowls of Choco-Pops beside Niall both of them were his I just start laughing, Choco-Pops is Danaka's favorite cereal, I walk over to the press and get a bowl and Niall actually let me have some, I was shocked so I took the box quickly before he changes his mind. The both of us were sitting down talking when Liam Harry and Louis walk over,"OK what are you keeping from us??" Harry asked trying to sound demanding "nothing " I said trying to act cool I look over at Niall and he is trying his best not to laugh or even smile,"Ye defo are hinding something from us" Louis said " yes I agree because Niall actually shared his food thank god I got that on video because I don't think it will EVER happen again" Liam said now staring at Niall and that makes him very uncomfortable,"ok ok ok ye got ourselfs girlfriends,and the girls are best friends with each other,and thats were we where yesterday" Niall said taking his cereal or cereals to his room leaving me with the questions like "what age are they" and "what do they look like", All I said was "they are 14" and hear is a picture of them they all just gasp and I leave the room.

Danakas P.O.V

We had finished school the last day and was time  to go home once we said our good byes to everyone and headed home. On the cycle home all we were talking about was HOW SUMMER WAS FINALLY HERE and of Zayn and Niall, I was still over the moon I was so happy, The boy I had a huge crush on actually liked me back, and that was kinda nice to think since every lad in my school thought I was weird. We were cycling on the road when all of a sudden this big truck turned a corner and hit the both of us off our bikes, it was a total shock we didn't see it and when we heard it, it was to late, it hit us, I was thrown off my bike and hit my head hard and I really hurt my leg it got caught in my bike, I sat up to see Skyler rolling around in agony I tried to move but i couldn't, I screamed her name and she sat up with tears in her eyes, there were some rolling down mine now to, she sat up and limped over to me I asked her what had happend she said she fell down on her wrist and it was all swollen, I cheaked my phone and it was ok so I texted Niall and told him what happend and told him to tell zayn, he was just round the corner so himself and Zayn came running over to us, then I texted my mam and told her the news and I told her to tell Skylers mom to, she said she had phoned the ambulance and the were on there way, thank god because I was very sore, Niall text the boys to come round and which they did, Niall and Liam worked together to get my leg untangled from my bike while, Zayn and louis were trying to comfort Skyler and Harry was in the middle calming me down before I lost it , and trying to take mine and Skylers mind off our injurys untill the abulance came with the police, Niall had gone round taking pictures of injurys so we had it to show the police, We sat there trying our best to keep calm while waiting for the ambulance and the police to come.

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