Summer Love (One Direction FanFic)

Danaka is your normal 14 yr old girl, She goes to school has good grades and lots of friends but with the summer comming is everything going to change ??


20. Back To The Hospital

Danakas P.O.V

 I woke up and nudged Niall lightly but he didnt budge so i got up on my knees and start shaking him he just moans and turns the other way. "ok then he leaves me no other choice" i say to myself i get up slowly off him and bend down and pick up one of my crutches and start hitting lightly so i dont hurt him only enough to get him up but still nothing so i hobble over to the bathroom get the little glass that is left by the sink and fill it up half way with water and with the water i hobble back to the room and say lwith a light voice "oh Naill baby wake up" as I thought nothing so i through the water on him and he jumped up and looked at me with a death glare and said,"your gonna pay" because of my leg i couldnt really go far, he started walking over to be i tried to walk back but he grabbed me and we started play fighting and he throw me on the bed and sat on top of me and looked me straight in the eye and started to kiss me,"I guess this is my pay back" i said, i could feel a smile form on his lips as they were against mine, i pushed him off me,"come on we need to get ready for the hospital" we get up and he picks me up and gives me a piggy back into Skylers and Zayns room and throughs me on the bed i start laughing and he starts jumping they wake up and just look at us im in fits of laughing at the bottom of the bed," get up we gotta go to the hospital to get those stupid casts off u guys" Niall starts belting out he picks me up and gives me a piggy back into our room.I pick out my oufit which is my batman top with my black skater skirt and my presious batman vans and my presious batman snapback niall puts on some basketball shorts a pair of high-tops and a vest top with his snapback that had his name on it, I grab my crutches and we knock on Skylers and Zayns room Skyler comes out with her superman t-shirt and a ren skater skirt and her superman converse and Zayn is wearing a t-shirt and long shorts i get my black and yellow shoulders bag with my other batman shoe and my black sock for when i get my cast off. We walk to the hospital just chatting about everything and anything,"dont forget the two of you have your hair apointments today" Zayn says, I look at him and Niall says,"Oh did we not tell you" he says with a smirk on his face,"NO YOU DIDNT TELL US THAT!!!" I say looking at him,"oh well suprise" Zayn says looking at Skyler, I look at Niall and he gives me a hug,"Ok lets get to the hospital so we can get our hairs done" Skyler says sounding chuffed. Niall put his arm around my shoulders since he cant on my waist because my crutches get in the way, Zayn puts his arm around Skylers waist and we all walk to the hospital.

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