Summer Love (One Direction FanFic)

Danaka is your normal 14 yr old girl, She goes to school has good grades and lots of friends but with the summer comming is everything going to change ??


6. Awesome Morning

I woke up before my alarm for once, and I just streatch out when I felt something beside me, NIALL HORAN WAS IN MY BED, Oh God I forgot he slept over I quickly and quietly sneak out of my bed and run to my wardrobe and take out a pair of galaxy leggings a black and white nerd t-shirt, a pair of black vans and my geeky glasses, yeah thats right I wear glasses,I run to my bathroom To get changed and have a shower I brush my hair I just leave it down because It was wet, I got changed and came out and there he was....just sitting there staring at me, I smile and walk over to him and say good morning.....

Nialls P.O.V

I woke up and she wasnt there, I thought she was gone to school already but I seen her her bag so she was still in the house I sit on her bed waiting for her, when she walked out of her bathroom and smiled at me, She looked so beautiful, Her l dark brown hair down on her face a bit wet, Her turquise eyes looking straight into mine through her glasses she looked so beautiful, She had a great taste in fashion, she was Bubbley,Hyper, Crazy, She eats a lot from what I can see in her room. I smile back at her "Good morning" she says in her beautiful voice I say good morning back as she plooped down beside me,"thank you for letting me stay" I say to giving her a kiss in the cheek "I-i-its ok" she says smiling at me "right well I better go" I say to her getting my clothes that were still wet but I was going to change into them anyway "dont put them back on there wet" she says to me "but I have nothing else" I say back "hhmm well you can keep those shorts they dont fit me" she says smiling at me, Its a good thing its nice outside, "thanks" I say picking her up and spinning her around,She screams and started laughing I put her down, her body rubbing down mine on her way down, and she looked straight into my eyes,I got a sudden urge to kiss her and I dont think I can hold it back I just went straight in.

Danakas P.O.V

I couldn't beleive it he KISSED ME!!! It took a few seconds but I kiss back. It lasted round 30 seconds and he pulls away smilling at me, He walks over to the window and climbs out. I stood there for a few seconds smiling and then I look at my clock it was 8 o'clock so i grap my bag run down stairs take an apple give my mum a kiss, get my bike and run out the door, I wasn't meeting Skyler because she had to go in earlier to finish off a science project. So i will have to tell her later what happend between me and NIall. I cycle to school smiling the whole way thinking about what happend this morning, It was really an awesome morning

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