Summer Love (One Direction FanFic)

Danaka is your normal 14 yr old girl, She goes to school has good grades and lots of friends but with the summer comming is everything going to change ??


13. A Rest Day

Nialls P.O.V 

We all fell asleep, at 1:08 a.m the door opened and Danaka was wheeled in, it reminded me of the first night she came in, I put my hand in hers and went back to sleep again. 

I woke up to the sound of Danaka's voice whispering me to wake up. I smiled at her and gave her a kiss,"morning baby" she said,"morning babe, howya feeling?" I asked her," eh sore and I have a really bad headache AND IT WON'T STOP BLEEDING!!" she said i just laugh and tell her "well u did just have an operation on it, do you want me to go get a nurse so she can give you something for the pain?","um yeah ok" she said to me nodding,"ok be right back babe" I said leaving to go get a nurse , when i came back she was all balled up in so much pain, myself and the nurse walk up to her "oh dear you are going to have to make a huge improvement if you want to leave tomorrow" the nurse said and Danaka quickly grabbed the meds and took a sip of water trying to forget about the pain,"i will be fine to go home tomorrow" she said in a smart tone, the nurse just nodded and left, Skylers mam was here and was signing forms so she can go home, Skyler walked over to Danaka and gave her a hug "I will be back tomorrow to pick you up" she said trying to sound a bit sad but we all knew she was dying to get out of this hell whole, Zayn walks over to her and said "see you tomorrow hun" and gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug, he then started shaking  my hand and said "Man... I will see you tomorrow", then Skyler gave me a hug and said bye. and together they both of them walked out together. Me and Danaka spent the whole day together lying on her bed feeding each other grapes since she had three boxes of them, I must say I did enjoy it. At around 6 o'clock I went to supermacs and got us two chicken wraps with garlic-mayonnaise meal and two cokes, I brought them back and Danaka just grabbed the bag out of my hands she was so hungry she hates the food her, we finished our food and we talked for a few hours and fell asleep.

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