The Runaway Girl

Nichole Smith was with Niall Horan before he got famous. he was a sweet boyfriend until one day,he became a little aggressive. he began beating her,and somehow,she ran away,but 3 years later,she still has the nightmares, and will never forget what happened. But Niall finds her wandering around and kidnaps her. Will she escape?


4. You call this nothing?

Niall's POV:

I watched Nichole as she slept so peacefully. It was currently 11:30 p.m. She had slept all day. I couldn't technically estimate how long she has been sleeping. I put her to bed at 7,7:30? Well,between those hours and now it's... 11:31. Nichole suddenly started wiggling and tossing and turning in the bed. I didn't know what was wrong. "No,No,No" she was saying. She started crying as she got a little louder,like talking normally. "No,No,NO!" she was now crying hard. She then began clawing at her face. WHAT THE HELL? WHAT'S HAPPENING? She then grasped her hair and started tugging and screaming loudly. She kept on arching her back and clawing her face. I shook her and she finally woke up still crying. "Nichole,hu-" She screamed loud and jumped out of the bed in her sweater and panties. She ran out of the hallway and I heard a thud and louder screaming.

Nichole's POV:

"Nichole,hu-" I began screaming. I jumped out of the bed and ran to the hallway. When I was halfway,I bumped into something and fell screaming. I saw a light of a phone shine on me as I raised my arm in front of my face. "Hey,who are you,hun" I heard a voice say. I knew right away it was the one and only Louis Tomlinson, my celebrity crush."Lou-Louis Tom-Tom-Tomlinson?" I stuttered. He shined the phone on his face. "Yes,who are you?" he said nicely. He bent down. "Nic-it doesn't matter. Ju-Just" I stopped and hugged him. "Help me" I whispered in his ear. "Erm,Niall?" he called. "NO!" I gasped loudly. Niall came in there. "I see you met my girl-" "DON'T FUCKING CALL ME YOUR GIRLFRIEND,HORAN!" I screamed. I crawled behind Louis. "What did you do to her?" asked Louis. "I did nothing to Nichole." "NOTHING? YOU CALL THIS NOTHING?!" I raised up my shirt to show the bruise to him and Louis. When Louis saw it,he was now face to face with him. "YOU DON'T TOUCH HER,NIALL!" screamed Louis."I CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT TO!" Niall screamed. I ran to them and shoved them off of each other. "STOP!" I screamed. "HE HURT YOU NICHOLE. I CAN'T LET THAT GO,NEITHER CAN YOU!" he screamed. I began crying. "Just stop." I said calmly. Louis backed away,still eyeballing Niall. He flipped him off and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "Let's go!" he said calmly. "No!" said Niall. "Niall,let me go with him! Want me to be happy? I'm happier with him then you!" I said. He finally backed off. "Don't try anything funny,Lou!" Niall called back. Louis hugged me and kissed my head. "Tell me about it when we get to my room,ok?" he asked. I nodded and clung to him.

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