The Runaway Girl

Nichole Smith was with Niall Horan before he got famous. he was a sweet boyfriend until one day,he became a little aggressive. he began beating her,and somehow,she ran away,but 3 years later,she still has the nightmares, and will never forget what happened. But Niall finds her wandering around and kidnaps her. Will she escape?


5. What Happened

We got back to Louis' room. I sat down on his bed and stared at him. He smiled warmly at me,which I kindly returned. I breathed in and out a few times before starting the story. "It all started this one morning-"


Louis' POV:

She breathed in and out until finally she began her story. "It all started this one morning,a day after me and Niall were kind of busy." she said looking down. Woah wait! As in,baby making?!?! "Erm,yea." she said. "Oh,sorry,didn't mean to say that out load" I said embarrassed. She nodded,luckily I was forgiven. "I was just walking around,doing whatever,then downstairs,Niall screamed up at me,telling me to come downstairs. And usually he is never pissed,but the anger in his voice... was- just.. scary! It's like watching a baby yelling cuss words! Scary,right? Ok,so I go downstairs and he holds up a pregnancy test box and asks me "What is this?". I was honest of course,and he was yelling at me. I don't really want to get in detail,but then I yelled back,he pushed me against the wall and kneed my stomach. And the bruise you saw,what was actually from 4 years ago,except right when it was a light purple,he kicked me and made it purple-blue. He told me that we weren't going to "do it" again because he wasn't ready to be a father. I wasn't ready to be a parent,either! And.. that's when all hell broke loose. And it went downhill from there." Nichole finished. I felt so bad for her! Being beaten by the boy she loved,well,USED to love. "Did-did- did he force into stuff you didn't want to do?" I asked. She nodded. "He-" "Don't!" I interrupted. "No need to tell me, it must be horrible to discuss." I said. She nodded fastly and said "Thanks for understanding me!". "Babe no need to thank me!" I said. She nodded. "Can I tell you something?" She asked. I nodded. She sighed and went on to say "I have a crush on you!" then she quickly covered her mouth.


Nichole's POV:

"I have a crush on you!" I said,but quickly throwing my hands to my mouth,regretting it. "I'm sorry. No,I'm stupid!" I said. I backed away and began sobbing. "I ALWAYS ruin things for me!" I shouted in my hands. I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around me,pulling me close to his body. "No. You didn't ruin anything. I like you too." he said with all the confidence he possibly had. I stopped and looked up. "Really?" I managed to let out. He nodded. I leaned back away from him and cupped his face in my hands and quickly kissed him. He kissed back and things got a little heated up. He lied me down on the bed and threw off his shirt, going back to the kiss. He accidentally hit my stomach. I whimpered and he stopped. "Oh,my,sorry! " he said. I nodded telling him it was okay. "I'm tired. Let's just... go asleep." I said yawning. He agreed with me and pulled me under the covers. "Love you,goodnight." I said. "Love you too,goodnight" and with that,we fell asleep instantly.

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