The Runaway Girl

Nichole Smith was with Niall Horan before he got famous. he was a sweet boyfriend until one day,he became a little aggressive. he began beating her,and somehow,she ran away,but 3 years later,she still has the nightmares, and will never forget what happened. But Niall finds her wandering around and kidnaps her. Will she escape?


3. Kidnapped

I was so scared. Niall,he could find me and beat me! I couldn't breathe properly. I let out a shriek of terror and began crying. No,this will NOT happen again! I looked at my wrists to see scars. Not from Niall,but from me. I was so much in pain that when I cut,it doesn't hurt. I don't feel a pain at all. When Niall beat me,it was worse than getting cuts at the webs between your fingers. I went to the bathroom and saw my makeup from yesterday ruined. I wiped it off and applied more. I put my hair up in a messy bun and grabbed a hang off the shoulder sweater from the closet. I didn't want anyone to see my "battle scars". I slipped on my jeans and grabbed my boots. I put them on and headed out,but the thing is,I couldn't be public,Niall,Niall can find me and I can't take a chance! I walked in the woods behind my house. No one walks here because it's so called "scary". I stopped at my favorite tree and burried my head in my arms as I leaned against the tree. I felt something tickle my neck and I freaked out. "Shh,Nichole,it's just me" I heard a husky voice say.  I struggled getting out of his arms."NIALL LET ME GO!" I screamed. I felt a wet rag go over my nose. It was an alcohol rag. "Sleep dreams,Nichole"


I woke up,tied in a chair in an empty room with a bed. I freaked out. Niall got me,I'm going to be beaten again by the boy I'm scared of most. I cried. I tried screaming,but there was tape on my mouth,which I never noticed. I somehow opened my mouth in the tape and pushed my tongue on the tape to take it off. It FINALLY got off and I began screaming,but my voice was hoarse,so i cleared it and began screaming as load as i can. "HELP ME!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!" I screamed, knowing that Niall would probably come. "Hun,what do you need?" I heard a voice behind me. "Niall,let me go please!" I begged. "Don't think I can let you,Princess." he said calmly. "I'm not your princess Niall" I said very angry. I heard footsteps come and he was in front of me. he slapped me hard and I cried. "Say you love me! NOW!" Niall commanded. I looked up and smiled sweetly and he smiled back. "Niall,I.." he waited for me to say it as his face brightened up. "Don't love you,you can go to hell!" I screamed. He looked hurt,but then I fel a very sharp pain in my stomach. Maybe it was the bruise that has been on there for 4 years because of Niall. But then I realized,he actually kicked me! I screamed in pain. "SAY YOU LOVE ME,BITCH!" He yelled. I didn't say anything,I couldn't say anything. "SAY IT BITCH!" He screamed louder. "FINE I LOVE YOU!" I screamed before he can hit me. That's good,princess,come to bed with me?" he asked. I nodded. I didn't want to get hurt again. He untied me and I tried to get up but screamed in pain. My stomach was hurting so much!  Niall picked me up bridal style,and put me in his bed and I instantly fell asleep before he could crawl in.

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